Basic steps for website design

Basic steps for website design

12:25 03 March in Design, Web Solutions


Any website can become successful when it is designed properly. Many different methods are available to make a good website. Few fundamental methods are ignored by the designers but if the designers follow the few basic steps and methods than any website can become a good success. Few tips for good website designing are given below.

Decide proper goals:

To decide the goals is the first step prior to actual website design process. If you decide and goals first then it will give the perfect idea that which kind of website u need and you can work on that to achieve that goal. That will give clear picture with a boundary. If you are planning for educational website then work on the manner that what are the standards and features are required for the educational website.

Select the target audience:

Select the audience for which your website is prepared. If you have clear picture of your target audience then it will help a lot to create a website which can help you a lot to make a website with perfect features. That will also help you to decide the features and applications for the website.

Preparation of site map:

Site map is a plan or map which is being prepared before actual construction. That will give the overview of the entire website and how it will look after it is fully prepared once. At this point one should map with including all the information.

Online performance:

Normally users get diverted very soon if the website takes too much time to load so it is very needed that website performance is good. Always proper planning is needed to enhance the performance of website. Also check the website after every few days so you can find out its performance. That will also helps to generate more traffic.

Use of navigation links:

Navigation links are always required in the website as it gives easy access to the other pages. It also makes its process easy. This gives an ease to the users to use the website. Always give navigation links on the proper places.

Final Testing:

After the completion of website the testing is needed. This gives the perfect idea that how the website will look after it is online. Its user performance can also measured by this. Always check the website in all browsers.

These basic steps can help a lot to make a good website design if followed in the right manner.

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