About This Project

About c3surfaces.in
C-3 Systems & Surfaces is one of the leading producers of sports surfaces for a wide customer base in India. They offer surfaces for Tennis Courts, Badminton Courts, Basketball Courts, Volleyball, Squash Courts, Hockey Fields. For the Past 12 years, C-3 Surfaces has been satisfying customers all over India with wide ranges of our products. The sports surfaces created by them have been appreciated by accomplished sports person.

Project background

C-3 Systems wanted to make information about their products online. In order to increase their business as more people become aware of it. The company approached Creative Web Solutions for designing of their responsive website.

The solution

Responsive Web Design makes a website as it is much flexible. Also making the website more responsive and attractive. We used the following technology such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript.
We used the following technology Php, opensource, WordPress.

The results

Our work with the c3surfaces was good. The various phases of the project took two-three month. It was a rewarding Responsive Web Design project, and in the end, our work provided the newly cohesive, user-focused, online presence for the c3surfaces.

Web services offered:

Responsive Web Design

Technology used:


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