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The e-commerce portals require the management of different products as well as the catalogue. In order to ease the problem, the business owners have started using the Corporate Product Catalog application which reduces their stress to a large extent. Managing the catalog becomes effortless and this is something that is liked by the people. There is no denial to the fact that it is one of the highly beneficial applications in the recent times and widely accepted for the smooth running of the web portals. Here are some of the benefits that this application offers.

How useful is the Corporate Product Catalog


Here are some of the benefits that this application offers.

Time-Saving - Arranging the catalog becomes seamless thus saving a lot of time.

User-Friendly -One of the biggest problems with the catalogs was its handling and this too improved by leaps and bounds through this excellent application

Organized - Even the users would love the overall look as everything look sorted and well arranged

Easy to Use -The customers can search anything very easily thus providing them a good experience

Why Choose Creative Web Applications


Creative Web Solutions can be your ultimate destination for corporate Product catalog application as the professionals have years of experience and their ability to come up with creative ideas. Their team can guide you on the right path thus providing an application that works well for your business and takes it to a new road of success.

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Key features of of Corporate Product Catalog



Display of products, its information, price, image, updating the information, deleting any product, adding new ones etc.


Adding or deleting, levels of categories, update etc.


Including name of the brand, its details etc.

User management tool
Providing customer login, completing the profile, updating it etc.

Product related inquiry from the customer

Sending Emails
Sending emails to customers about new stuff


Customer support
Customer support

News section
News section wherein the customers can get latest updates of what’s new, hot and trending.





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