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Fast, Secure & Reliable Dedicated Servers in Mumbai.

Quick demo of our Control Panel » Username » demo   Password » test2011

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Creative Dedicated Server Hosting Options



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Dedicated Server Hosting Features


Creative Web Solutions provides On Demand IT Infrastructure backed by complete redundancy in power, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security. Each facility is wholly owned, managed and operated by Creative Web Solutions and is equipped to handle any challenge. Being a poineer in developing large scale B2C, B2B and Ecommerce web applications in Mumbai, We know the importance of a fast, reliable and updated Dedicated server hosting means, for running your online business.


Multi Homed Backbone Connection:


Engineered to provide the highest levels of Connectivity, security and reliability for Dedicated Hosting.Our Data Center provides access to network providers is FNSI, Level3, XO, UUNet and AT & T.


Server Area:


Our Data Center offers high quality XEON Dual Core processors, Linux and Windows servers for the ultimate Flexibility and performance.


We custom configure each server for optimal performance based on our Customer’s goals, then ensure availability, performance and reliability by monitoring all systems 24x7x365.


Our server area is protected against flood, fire and burglary. It also has a fully air conditioned system and early-detection fire suppression system.


Provisioning Area:


The whole system undergoes 2 levels of testing to ensure optimum performance. Our staff of certified technicians assembles, configures, and tests each server.


Securtiy area:   


  • We restrict the access to our data center and monitor environment 24x7x365.
  • All entrance and common areas are monitored via closed-circuit video surveillance.
  • Access is strictly protected with biometric identification.




Unlike most other hosting providers, Creative Web Solutions offers 24x7x365 redundant monitoring capabilities at the Data centers staffed by certified system administrators and security professionals.


Our network management teams operate at Ohio to assure the most sophisticated and comprehensive systems monitoring, and complete monitoring back-up in the event of any emergency.


We leverage state of the art network monitoring software combined with highly defined monitoring and escalation procedures to ensure the highest standards for security, reliability, performance and systems availability.




Creative Web Solutions delivers the fastest and highest-quality provisioning to ensure your system is up and running quickly.


Our expert provisioning team makes sure that your systems are properly configured, tested and ready to deliver the results your business depends on.
Creative Web Solutions offers you the ideal combination of provisioning speed and quality with:


Preconfigured servers that are available shortly after placing your order .
High customized configurations that are typically available within hours of placing your order


A choice of intuitive, user-friendly Control Panels makes remote management simple and easy. You can submit support requests or perform maintenance. Our convenient payment and billing plans also give you the flexibility to pay by the month, or in advance to gain an additional discount over our already competitive prices.




Creative Web Solutions takes network reliability and performance to the next level. Creative Web Solutions combines cutting-edge security technology, best practices and a team of certified senior-level professionals to help ensure that you can safely manage and grow your business.