Domain transfer

What is a Registrar?


Registrar is an entity that registers domain names in the Domain Name System (DNS) on behalf of registrants (domain name holders). Registrars have contractual agreements with their registrants and maintain the customer data for each of their registrants.


What is a Registrar transfer?


Registrar Transfer is the process that occurs when the owner of a domain name wishes to move their domain name from their current Registrar into the control of a new Registrar.


Why would I want to perform a Registrar transfer to Creative Web Solutions?


There are many reasons. Perhaps you are unhappy with the service or quality of your current Registrar and would like to be with one that more suits your needs.


  • Transferring domain names to Melbourne IT allows customers to benefit from the management tools, competitive pricing and domain security offered by Melbourne IT.
  • You will also be able to take advantage of our fast and easy-to-use facilities such as name server changes and ownership transfers.


How much does a Registrar transfer request cost?


A fee for change of registrar is Rs 495.00 and the registration term of the domain name is extended for one year as well.


Once a name is submitted for transfer, how does the process work and how long will it take?


The Change Registrar process can take 15 to 20 days. Once you’ve submitted your request:


Step 1


  • Melbourne IT sends an email message to the Administrative Contact listed with the current registrar of the domain name requesting authorization for the registrar transfer.
  • The Administrative Contact has 5 days to respond to the email message.
  • Once the Administrative Contact authorizes the registrar change, the transfer request will be sent to registry for processing.
  • If Administrative Contact denies the authorization or fails to respond within the allotted time, your transfer request is cancelled.


Step 2
After the name has been transferred to registry, the losing registrar is notified that transfer request has been submitted. The losing registrar then has 5 days to accept, deny or ignore the request.


Once the registry transfers the domain name to Melbourne IT, the registrant and contact information is migrated into Melbourne IT’s who is database and one year will be added to existing domain license.


When will a losing registrar deny the Registrar transfer request?

Typically, the losing registrar may deny a Change Registrar request in the following instances:


  • The domain name isn’t in a paid status.
  • The domain name hasn’t been registered for 60 days or their less than 60 days in expiration of the domain name.
  • The domain name is the subject of some type of dispute (e.g. litigation, trademark, registrant identity, and bankruptcy).
  • The registrar didn’t receive proper authorization from the domain name holder.
  • A Domain name has expired and the current registrar has locked the Domain.


How many days should be left in expiry of the domain, which is being applied for transfer?


So long as the domain name was first registered more than 60 days ago, it should be OK to transfer (according to the registry).

However, some registrars lock a domain name some time just before expiry, although the amount of time varies. We recommend initiating a transfer at least 60 days before expiry to avoid problems. A transfer can be initiated later, but the end user must be aware that their registrar may lock their domain to prevent transfer (often 2 to 4 weeks before expiry) and may need to contact their old registrar to ensure that the transfer is allowed to proceed. Other registrars also lock domains at all times, but must unlock them at the registrant’s request.


What shall be the renewal period of my Domain when transferring from one Domain


Registrar to Creative web soluitons, in case I have recently placed a request for renewal of my Domain, with my current Registrar?

In case any customer has placed a request for renewal of his domain name with his old registrar and at the same time within a period of 45 days from the date of renewal from his existing Registry, has also requested Creative web solutions to transfer his domain, then the renewal request made with the old registry shall be void.
The request for transfer shall happen in its due course and if successful the offer of one-year free renewal shall take place by Creative web solutions and not by the Old registrar.


Are .com, .net, and .org my only choices for transfer of domain names?


Yes, at this time these are the only TLD types of Registrar transfers that we accept.