How to design an easy and professional website?

How to design an easy and professional website?

17:27 10 January in Design, Web Solutions

Since you’re into business, the objective of your website is to SELL. Nothing else! That’s because Your Website must have One MAIN FOCUS.

Nope, it’s not selling dozens or hundred of products. Nope, it’s not links to several different affiliate programs and NOPE, definitely not a link to

Doing the above just confuses your visitor, thus decreasing your likelihood of converting her or him into your customer.

If you’re selling a product or service, it should be clear what one action you want them to take.

They’d either:

  •  Buy your product or service OR
  • Do not buy.

But are you going to let them go away the same as that? Obviously N-E-V-E-R!

So, you need to get your visitors to leave their email address along with other essential information for follow-up increases your opportunity to help you make a sale since the fact is that most people don’t buy on first contact. To do this, you write a compelling sales letter for your product and post it to your website. You can add images of your product, testimonials from happy customers, and other relevant images. The focus of your website may be the sales letter.

Your main text color should be black on a white background. You can produce other colors for example blue, red and gray on your website, however the background behind the written text should be white. The color of your main text should be black. Not one other exception! That is because this is the easiest format to read. You’re in business so dress your site in a business manner.

On the technical side, you can select from three techniques to create your own web pages:

Do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) – if you are well versed in using web page tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage to create your web pages then this method has become the good for you.

Hire A Free Lancer, Professional or Internal I.T. Team – if you have no idea how you can create web pages, you may want to consider hiring professional help as learning how you can create your own web pages can be time-consuming. While it can incur high professional fee, this method could be you’re cost effective for money in the long term. However, this method should be filtered out if you’re on a strict budget.


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