Milagro Universe

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About This Project


Milagrouniverse is a leading company in architecture and design for contemporary bathrooms.The world awaits magic,The Magic of luxuriousness and High Living.
Some say we are like Magicians,
Busy Creating Miracles for the Infinite Universe.

Project background

Milagrouniverse wanted to build website to showcase their company’s talent.And to make their presence online.They approached us to build website for their company.

The solution

  • The initial phase included selecting of suitable template for the website.
  • The second phase incorporated the designing of the website.
  • The third phase included writing the content for website.
  • We provided services such as web hosting so that website will be accessible world wide.

The result

Our work with milagrouniverse provided them responsive website for their firm.It took three- four months to complete the work.

Web services offered

  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting

Technology used

  • Html5
  • CSS

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