Pet Dig

About This Project


Petdig designed this website to provide most up to date and accurate information about pets and pets related topics.The aim of this website is to connect all pet lovers, owners, professionals and businesses and exchange their thoughts, experience, and suggestions with others worldwide. On the website you will find various information related to pets i.e. training, grooming, vets, hospitals, NGOs, food recipes, adoption, and health.

Project background

Petdig desired to build website for the pet lovers so that they can get information how to handle pets well i.e about their food,grooming,etc.They approached Creative Web Solutions to build website for them.

The solution:

  1. The first phase included designing of suitable template for website.
  2. The second phase included content writing for website such as writing content for about us and newsletters.
  3. The third phase involved doing SEO for better ranking of the website.
  4. We also provided web hosting for their website.

The results

Petdig were satisfied by the services provided by us.It took three-four months to complete their work.

Web services offered:

  • Web Design
  • SEO
  • CMS
  • Application development
  • Web Hosting

Technology used:

  • Php

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