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Social Business Software

11:55 13 February in Intranet

Far reaching effect of the social business software With the advent of the internet, the business has changed a lot. Earlier people used to be in same space to do business or share information but today remote access has become possible. The technology has paved the...

Social Software For Business

17:20 27 January in Intranet

Social Software For Business: What Are Its Important Elements Social software has made notable changes in the enterprise world. It has not just provided a better way for a company to connect its people to each other, but also allowed them share information. Its services seem...

Enterprise Social Software

10:50 24 January in Intranet

Enterprise Social Software To Be More Popular In Future Enterprise social software, also known as ESS, is a combination of networking and technical tools used by companies to improve communication between employees, and take a step forward to attain greater heights in business. The software includes...

Social Enterprise Software

11:20 21 January in Intranet

How Companies Use Social Enterprise Software Modern technology has made several things easy for the business world. Easy access to the Internet has not just connected people from various regions of the globe, but also allowed them promote their business without spending much on it. But how...

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