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How can I manage my domain name(s)?


All Creative web solutions customers have access to the “My Account” control panel. It is a unique and powerful tool, which helps you manage your domain names. With it, you can see all your domain names listed alphabetically. For high volume customers, you can even search for a certain name from your list of domain names! In short, the “My Account” tool is a great way to keep track of your domain names and their status’.


To access the MY ACCOUNT, login to your account with your username and password.


How do I modify an existing domain name records?


The Customers who have registered their Domain name through can make following modifications in their existing domain name records:

  • Modify contact names for administrative contact / technical contact,
  • Change Domain Name Server
  • Change IP pointing
  • Change Mail Exchange Records


Log in through “MY ACCOUNT” at with your username and password


Once you are successfully logged in, go to Domain Services and click on the link
“Show a list of Domains I Have Registered”


Click on the “Manage ” link beside your domain.


For Change in DNS


Click on Change Name server Record button.


Enter the primary and secondary name servers you want to change to along with IP Addresses


For The Change in Admin/Tech Contacts


Click on Change Handle Contacts button



Enter new contact information

For The Change in IP Pointing Of Your Domain


Click on Change A’ Record button




  • Enter IP Address For New ‘A’ Record
  • Once Previous steps are completed, 24-48 hours later your changes are effective globally
  • To maximize the chances of a successful Internet presence and have a global reach


What is DNS?


DNS stands for Domain Name System. This system is used to associate a domain name (e.g. with one or multiple IP addresses. Now, an IP (Internet Protocol) address is like a phone number to a computer. Every computer has one but just like a phone number, sometimes an IP address can be hard to remember. This is why there is DNS. Instead of having to remember, we only have to remember


And why do I need to manage my DNS?


The domain registrar you purchased your domain name from will assign two IP addresses to your domain name. These IP addresses are also called name servers. So, with your domain name, you will have to manage a Primary and a Secondary Name server. These name servers determine what server, on the Internet, your domain name will propagate to. In order to upload your web content to the Creative web solutions Server, or receive/send email, or type your domain name into a browser and have your website be displayed, you will need to update your Primary and Secondary Name servers to: and


How do I know where my DNS is propagating?


There are many ways to find where your domain name is propagating. We will provide you with one way that will help you the most. It is to check a WHOIS Search Engine. A WHOIS Search Engine will give you information about every domain name that is registered. We recommend to find information about your domain name.


What are your name servers?


  • Creative web solutions Domain Name Servers (DNS)
  • Primary Name server Secondary Name server


What is Sub domain name? Can I buy a sub domain name from you?


Sub domain is a way to divide your site into sections with short and easy to remember names. For example, a section of this site for new users could be
you can buy sub domain from us by paying Rs.1000.00 per sub domain.


Can I park my Domain name on your servers?


Yes, Creative web solutions provides free service to Park Domain name to Customers for Domains with extensions: .edu,.


What is URL forwarding? Do I have this option of URL forwarding? If yes, How?


URL forwarding allows you to point your new domain name to an existing site so those visitors are automatically directed to your current Web site. For example can be forwarded to thus when somebody tries to open visitors are automatically directed to


**The Customer who has registered Domain name only through has the facility of URL forwarding via Control Panel at
Log in through Control Panel at and click on ” Manage you Domain”. It will exhibit the Domain name(s) registered under the specific username. Click on the required Domain name and it will show a link termed: Change “URL Forwarding.” 24 hrs after the submission the changes are effective globally.


What are the three Contacts Admin, Technical and Billing?


These fields list the contact details of the people to be contacted for each of the three functions relating to the domain name.


Can the name of the registrant of the Domain Name be changed once it has been registered?


To make the changes in Registrant of the domain you need to pay us Rs495/- along with following documents.


Incase the domain is in a Company’s Name


An Application has to be made out on the letterhead of the company, addressed to Manager Customer Support, duly signed by the Director/ Authorized Signatory, for change of Registrant’s name.


The Application shall have the following details:

  • 1. Domain Name: As per the WHOIS record.
  • Current Registrant’s complete address;
  • Registrant’s Street Address;
  • City;
  • State;
  • Country
  • ZIP area code/ PIN.


Information required as Transfer required on the name/address of the new Registrant Address & Addressee, mention the Registrant’s Street Address, City, State, Country and ZIP area code


Signature Block (Application for the change in Registrant should be duly attested by the Notary)


All this information should encompass as per the format mentioned below:


  • Current Registrant must complete below
  • Organization
  • Signature
  • Signor’s Name
  • Active email address
  • Phone Number
  • Date


New Registrant must complete below


  • Organization
  • Signature
  • Signor’s Name
  • Active email address
  • PhoneNumber
  • Date


Memorandum of Articles/ Document showing proof of Business Incorporation, attested by the Notary and duly signed by the Director of the company.


NOC (No objection certificate) & identification proof (attested) of the Individual/ Authorized signatory whose details are there in our administration profile/ the Domain Registered with us.


II In case the domain is in an individual’s Name


*** Similar documents are required in case the Domain name is registered on an Individual’s name. (alongwith Identification proof (attested) for authentication. It could be copy of driving license/ copy of passport/ copy of voter ID of the person on whose name the domain is registered.)


***Once these documents are submitted our legal department shall take maximum of 7 days to verify them after which the confirmation is sent to you.