Web Mail

What is web mail?


Web mail is a browser-based interface for your reading your emails. Instead of downloading emails on to your PC using email clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora Mail etc., you can view your emails from the server directly using your web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, and Opera etc. This email service gives you an opportunity to access your emails from your office, your home or while traveling anywhere in the world.


What is Creative web solutions Webmail Gateway?


Creative web solutions Webmail gateway is the Webmail service offered by Creative web solutions to all its email users enabling them to check their emails sent to [email protected] from anywhere in the world easily and quickly. The URL for the Webmail gateway is http://www.creativewebsols.com/.


Is Creative web solutions’s Webmail Service free?


Yes, it is a free service for all Creative web solutions’s email users. You can also use this service if you have purchased email services from Creative web solutions.


How much storage space do I get?


You can store as much as 20 Mega Bytes (Inclusive of all the folders you create) on Creative web solution’s Webmail.


What will happen if I exceed my 20 MB limit?


You’ll get a warning message as and when your mailbox reaches 80% of the assigned quota asking you to delete big messages to free your mailbox space. If you exceed 100% of the assigned 20 MB quota, emails sent to you will start bouncing to the senders.


Can I send/receive Attachments?


Yes, you can send a maximum of 3 attachments at a given point in time and can read any number of attachments. The maximum size allowed for sending an attachment file is limited to 2 MB.


I can’t login to my mailbox. “Incorrect Username or Password” it says. Why?


Specify your complete email-id and password to login. Double-check and make sure the password you are supplying is correct or not (Password is case sensitive). Your account may not be activated yet (Check you user control panel at Creative web solutions). Also verify that your browser supports COOKIES and that they are enabled. Most popular browsers that support cookies are Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and above and Netscape 2.0 and above. If you do not have the latest version of your browser, you need to upgrade your browser to use Webmail. Also verify that you are not trying to login from cached copy of web mail. If so then refresh once and try again. Otherwise close the browser and try.


I am getting a message “Your session has expired”. Why?


Session expires due to security reasons, which may be any of the following:

  • You don’t have cookies support in your browser or it has not been enabled yet.
  • You are accessing some Webmail links from your browser’s history after logging out from the system.
  • You have exceeded the time set for an inactive login session to expire. (30 minutes from your login)
  • You are running two simultaneous logins with the same username and password.
  • You are trying to access the URL for inner mail pages directly from the location bar of your browser


I am getting a message ‘Your inbox is empty’, Where are my mails?


Either you don’t have any new emails in your mailbox or you have download them using your email client (Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger etc) on to your computer. This normally happens when you are using an email-id as a POP3 account as well as through Webmail. To avoid your email client downloading your emails, you can either change your password or set ‘Leave a copy on the server’ option checked while configuring your email client.


When I try to forward a message with an attachment, the text and the attachment both do not appear in the new mail to be forwarded. Why?


When you forward a message, by default it does not show the attachment in the compose window, but if you send the message it will automatically attach and send your file in the background.


I am sending emails but I can’t see them in my “Sent Items” folder. Why?


Creative web solutions Webmail, by default, does not store messages in sent items. To save a message in “Sent Items” you need to check the option “Save a copy in Sent Items” while composing your message. To make this option default, you need to check “Personal settings” à “Always Store In Sent Items” option.


How can send mail to the addresses in my address book?


To use your address book while composing, click on “To”, “CC” or “Bcc” links and a pop-up window will appear. Select the addresses you want to send your message to and those will automatically get pasted in you respective text boxes.


How can I rename a folder?


To give a folder a new name, create a new folder with the name you want, copy all the messages from old folder to new and delete the old one.


What is the procedure for logout?


There is no icon or menu for logout. You can find the “Logout” option as the last option on the left panel. If you can’t see it check your font size and resolution of your display.


Whom can I write to for any kind of clarifications, problems with regards to Creative web solution’s Webmail?


You can contact our Webmail helpdesk at ibcdns.com/webmail.