Customizable Shopping Cart Software – 3 Ways to Benefit Your Business

Customizable Shopping Cart Software – 3 Ways to Benefit Your Business

15:18 26 April in Software solutions


Using customizable shopping cart software is bound to benefit your online business. But many people may not know exactly how customizable shopping cart software is able to add value to their business. They may just think that it is just like any other ecommerce shopping cart out there.

Able To Change Store Layout Easily

For instance if the merchant feels that they need to change the entire layout of their store, they do not need to hire an expensive site designer to re-do the entire site. They could choose to use another template from the solution itself. Perhaps they might want to highlight a particular best seller product or new products that just came in to make it more visible or prominent on their site for their customers. Being able to choose a completely new page layout to highlight specific products is an added advantage as it focuses the customer to what you want them to see. Or if you feel that the design of your entire site is outdated and looks boring, you could always change the entire site template and find the various suitable page layouts for your specific products. Interesting, right?

More Payment Gateways

Another benefit would be the ability to add new payment methods to your current existing payment method. Majority of merchants are able to accept payment by credit card but if they are thinking of expanding their business internationally, they may want to consider adding in new payment gateways that are popular from the countries that are on their target market. This will benefit their customers tremendously and it makes doing business easier as customers from different countries will be able to easily recognize their own main payment gateway providers.

More Convenient Shipping Methods

And if business is overwhelmingly great and customers demand for their goods to arrive faster and shipping to be cheaper, it would be beneficial for merchants if their cart allows them to set their shipping to ship from multiple origins to multiple destinations. For instance, if they are purchasing their stock from New York to be shipped to their store in New Orleans and if their customers are in Boston, they could arrange for shipping to move their products direct from New York to Boston. This will save them and their customer’s time and money while cutting down on shipping costs.