SaaS Cloud Intranet

An innovative cloud-based intranet platform tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Benefits of SaaS Cloud Intranet

Rapid Deployment

Simple and quick setup that lets businesses use the intranet software right away.


The ability to adjust resources in response to the demands and needs of the business.


Facilitates remote team collaboration and communication by enabling anytime, anywhere access from any internet-connected device.


A subscription-based pricing structure that requires no initial financial outlay, lowering the total cost of ownership and ensuring predictable costs.

Automatic Updates and Maintenance

The SaaS provider handles security patches, software updates, and maintenance without causing any hassles, guaranteeing constant security and optimum performance.

A Reliable Platform for Online Collaboration

Protecting Your Data

Every day, every week, and every month, we routinely back up your data.

User Security

Our security protocols are rigorously verified and uphold high standards.

Personalized Support

We provide 24/7 individualized assistance to resolve any problems you may encounter.

Test Results

Our system has been observed for vulnerability and intrusions.

Free Software Upgrades

Support & Upgrades

  • Our staff can support you at any time, anywhere in the world.
  • To offer round-the-clock assistance, we have offices in various time zones.
  • On our platform, you can collaborate directly with our team and other users.
  • We constantly make improvements to our product and provide free updates.

Advanced Security & Cloud Migration Support

  • With our subscription approach, you can change your platform whenever you want.
  • We take great pride in protecting you. We secure your data using the most recent technology.
  • With the assistance of our professionals, you may begin utilizing our cloud platform with confidence.
  •  In just a few weeks, you may have your staff set up on your new cloud platform!

A Powerful intranet software

Intranet features we offer

Connect all employees from multiple locations

  • Discussion Forums
  • Community Sites
  • Quick Poll
  • Job Openings
  • News & Announcements
  • Discussion Forums
  • Notifications
  • Birthday notifications
  • Photo / Video Gallery
  • Write / Share Blogs
  • Daily Quotes
  • Case Study
  • Weather Forecast
Internal Communication

Content makes collaboration success

  • Company Calendar
  • Meeting room booking System
  • Helpdesk Ticketing
  • Advanced Search
  • Intranet Analytics
  • Integrations
  • Company Knowledge Base
  • Task Management
  • Employee Profile
  • Employee Directory
  • Interactive Org Chart
  • Leaderboards
  • Gamification
  • Group Admins
Productivity Tools
Invest on people = Invest in Business

Groups / Departments

  • Employee Mood Tracking
  • Rewards & Recognition
  • Employee Polls / Surveys / Quiz
  • Employee poll and surveys
  • Event Calendar
  • Blogging
  • Survey and Quiz
  • Like and Comment
Employee Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SaaS Cloud Intranet?

Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud intranets are those that use third-party providers to host and provide intranet software over the internet. In this model, organizations do not need to install, administer, or maintain the intranet software on their infrastructure because it is hosted on the provider’s servers and accessed by users via a web browser.

Who Uses SaaS Cloud Intranet?

Many different types of organizations, including small and mid-sized firms and large enterprises in a variety of industries, use SaaS Cloud Intranet solutions. It is especially well-liked by companies with distributed or remote workforces and those that value flexibility, scalability, and ease of implementation.

Why Do Companies Need SaaS Cloud Intranet?

There are numerous reasons why companies may choose for SaaS Cloud Intranet solutions:

1. Ease of Deployment: SaaS Cloud Intranet solutions require little setup or configuration and can be rapidly and easily deployed. After purchasing a subscription, organizations don’t need to wait for complicated installation processes or IT infrastructure to access the intranet software.

2. Scalability: SaaS Cloud Intranet solutions offer a great degree of scalability, enabling enterprises to adjust their usage to their evolving demands and specifications. Without requiring significant infrastructure or hardware modifications, the SaaS provider may easily scale to meet the needs of the growing organization by adding more users, services, and resources as needed.

3. Accessibility: Employees can use mobile or remote devices to access the intranet platform thanks to SaaS Cloud Intranet solutions, which are available from any location with an internet connection. This accessibility encourages remote workers, individuals operating from diverse places, and scattered teams to collaborate and communicate.

4. Cost-effectiveness: SaaS Cloud Intranet solutions normally work using a subscription-based pricing structure, in which businesses pay a set amount each month or year to access the program. Because this subscription model does not require upfront capital investments in software licensing, hardware, or IT infrastructure, it is an affordable choice for businesses with tight budgets or resources.

5. Automatic Updates and Maintenance: Software updates, security patches, and maintenance are handled by the SaaS provider, who also oversees the management of SaaS Cloud Intranet solutions. By doing this, businesses are freed from having to handle and maintain the software internally, guaranteeing that they will always get access to the newest features and improvements without having to spend extra money or work.