Terms and Conditions


Our Terms and Conditions

The Project Proposal document is prepared in order to clarify all business-related and technical items. The benefit of any offer is not solely based on the price, but instead is the sum of all factors. We offer very attractive conditions for our customers such as: payment by milestones; complete service; guarantees; training of the personnel; product support; customer support; end-user product support; monitoring; etc.
In the Proposal we state:

  • Conditions and plan of payment
  • Length of free support period
  • Warranty period (free bug fixing)
  • Included Creative™ services


Even though our standard conditions are above the industry norm and encompass a full spectrum of requirements, we are ready to consider any of our customer’s extraordinary requirements concerning conditions of the service.

Cost of our services is calculated on the basis of time expenses and hour rating. Based on the planned structure of a team and the Software Requirements, we estimate total volume of man-hours necessary for execution of the project. The total cost of development can also include other charges such as unique hardware, third-party services, etc. At this stage, this is a draft cost-estimation only. Some changes are possible when we begin to develop a complete Project Documentation at the Architecting Stage. In most cases, our draft Time and Cost Estimations are very exact and generally do not have more than 10-15% difference from the final estimate.
Further, at the request of the customer, any of these stages can be designated as a Checkpoint. Define Milestones, Checkpoints and Deadlines.
In order to meet deadlines, control intermediate results on the side of the customer and grant the customer’s reliance in observance of the plan, we divide Timetable into some Milestones:

  • Prototype
  • Alpha Version
  • Beta Version
  • Final Version


Delivery and assignment of specific calendar dates for demonstration of results.For added customer comfort and control in the progress of development, we can include additional Checkpoints at any stage (at the customer’s request).

Checkpoints are defined as a demonstration of certain results (functionality, degree of completion) by a certain calendar date.

Deadlines are the final terms when various parts are ready and are defined as well in view of all possible changes in a schedule.All these efforts allow us to carry out the obligations precisely.