Intuitive Employee Experience App

Engage employees and transform your work culture with Creative AI powered employee engagement mobile app.

Employee Engagement Software that builds motivation in employees to achieve the goals.

Creative employee engagement software has several fast and anonymous engagement tools built into the platform that deliver actionable data about your company.

Employee Poll and Surveys

Online Polls allows you to get answers to questions fast. Survey tool with Polls section in intranet software helps collect valuable employee feedback and comments.

Create survey question from Admin

Admin can create survey questions with interactive charts, graphs, images or simple questions. Allow employees to weigh-in on issues and questions with just one click of a mouse.

Using surveys results to develop engagement strategies

The admin can check total employee engagement on any question asked in the intranet with the analytic report. Get real-time feedback to improve products, services, and business overall.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Transform work into fun with employee rewards and recognition tool in employee engagement software.

Gamification based rewarding system

Our point-based reward system takes individual employee needs into account by offering flexibility to redeem their reward points with monetary or non-monetary benefits within the organization

Recognition on Intranet and Social Profile

Employee rewards and recognitions are highlighted on the employee profile page as well as Intranet leaderboard page. It helps to promote and build a culture of appreciation, happiness, and motivation across your company.

Post news, events to every user, a group, or tagged members only

Share your company-wide news for all users or giving access to specific departments. Employees can see news posted by their colleagues in the intranet activity feed section. They have an option to follow, unfollow users, like, comment on the news feeds.

Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries

Make meaningful employee engagement by wishing employees on their birthdays on company Intranet software. Birthday greeting gets automatically popped up on employee dashboard on their birthday and work anniversaries.

Announcement Boards

Make company announcements to every employee scattered in diverse location, communicate recent news and happenings in the company.

Motivates Virtual Workforce

Engaged employers encourage Creativity

Develops empowerment and innovation

Fuels technology and digital workplace

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full form of employee R&R?

In the context of employee recognition and rewards, “R&R” stands for “Recognition and Rewards.” This term refers to programs or initiatives within organizations that acknowledge and appreciate the contributions, efforts, and achievements of employees.

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What is the meaning of R&R in salary?

In the context of salary, “R&R” typically stands for “Retention and Recruitment” or “Recruitment and Retention.” This term refers to a compensation strategy or program designed to attract new employees (recruitment) and retain current employees (retention) by offering competitive salary packages, benefits, and incentives.

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How important are awards and recognition to employees in a company?

Awards and recognition provide employees with validation and acknowledgment for their hard work, contributions, and achievements. Being recognized for their efforts makes employees feel valued and appreciated by their peers, supervisors, and the organization as a whole.

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Why is company recognition important?

Company recognition is essential for fostering a positive work culture, improving employee morale and engagement, increasing retention rates, driving productivity and performance, reinforcing company values, enhancing employer branding, and ultimately contributing to the company’s success and growth. Company recognition is important for several reasons:

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What is the purpose of rewards in an organization?

Rewards serve as powerful motivators for employees, encouraging them to perform at their best and strive for excellence in their work. By offering rewards for achieving goals, meeting targets, or demonstrating desired behaviors, organizations incentivize employees to go above and beyond in their performance.

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What is the objective of giving rewards and recognition?

One of the primary objectives of rewards and recognition is to motivate employees to perform at their best. By acknowledging and rewarding employees for their efforts, achievements, and contributions, organizations aim to inspire them to continue striving for excellence in their work.

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