Employee Onboarding Software

Efficient onboarding for seamless employee integration.

Employee Onboarding Software to eliminate manual data entry and paper documents while providing a great employee experience.

Creative employee onboarding software for new hires to get them started with paperwork like company policies, tax forms, and more before they even step in the office

Eliminate first day formalities & keep it simple

With automated workflows, e-forms, and paperless online submission processes, employee onboarding becomes fast and easy, and enables new hires to accomplish important tasks before they even start.

Welcome emails and IT / HR checklists

Give your new hires an automated welcome email, list of IT / HR checklists, e-form submissions, facility to upload scanned personal documents with just one smart form and receive e-confirmations from their managers online.

Invite new hires to complete pre-training

New hires can complete pre-training before their arrival. This will help them to work more quickly as training requirements can be time-consuming sometimes.


Communication and Engagement

New hires generally hesitate to communicate with their managers and subordinates. Social intranet feature in employee onboarding, make communication and engagement better. This will help increase employee retention ratio.


Task Management

Use filters to look into specific employees, groups projects, task completion status, view reports date wise and more.


Segment groups and departments

Tag new hires in specific groups. For eg: new joinee group. Assign departments in onboarding intranet portal, so that the employee gets needed information from the groups and builds connection.


Manage Projects and Assign Tasks

The Task Manager application allows your employees to create Kanban Style columns and tasks with timelines. Managers can assign members to every task and project.


Gamification will help in task completions

Allocate points for accomplishing every task assigned to the employee. Once the task is completed, divert them to the next level of training and task management. Every level deserves a bonus. Earning points will help employees to show their interest in the organization process. This points can be redeemed into monetary or non-monetary benefits.


Get updates on task completions

Filter your tasks by progress, assigned user, and upcoming due dates. Get Email notifications of delayed tasks and daily reports.

The Benefits of Employee Onboarding Software

A good onboarding program should deliver business goals along with awesome employee experience. Below are few comparisons of organizations who opted for a structured onboarding program with those who did not opt.

Retained best employees Companies with a structured onboarding program

New employees met 1st year milestones on time Companies without a structured onboarding program

Improvement in hiring manager satisfaction Companies without a structured onboarding program

Creative Onboarding Software Solutions


We deploy the software on your server and help with the integrations.

On cloud

We host the onboarding software on Creative server and employees can access the portal from anywhere online.


For companies having employees scattered in multiple locations, we deploy on-premise solutions in the main office while allocating cloud URLs to employees in diverse locations.