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Workplace to Increase employee engagement

Social intranet

Our social intranet software connects you to the people, processes, information you need to get work done, wherever you are.

A Complete Social Intranet Software Mumbai

Drive Innovation

Unlock the knowledge and expertise that lives in the minds and memory of the people in your enterprise.

Easy Connect

Social intranet helps eliminating communication barriers between employees, managers and entrepreneurs.

Vibrant Workplace

Facebook for enterprise helps reduce employee stress and helps to develop vibrant work culture.

Knowledge Base

Quick document solutions to known issues through fully functional knowledge base within few clicks.

Cutting Edge

Create competitive advantage enabling faster decision making with improved collaboration.

Cloud/Modern Intranet

Give every team, department its own space to share news with blogs, be connected with @mentions, and likes

Internal Branding

Employee engagement helps to build the brand internally & that defines the articulate corporate culture.

Boost Productivity

Remove roadblocks with communications and provide a clear path for people to get work done.

Corporate Collaboration Software

Create, share, and discuss topics & files with your team in one place that’s accessible anywhere by employees.

Enterprise Social Intranet Software Features

Our built-in Social intranet apps are easy to use, but developed and structured for the enterprise.

A Modern Workplace for Enterprises

The legacy intranet are a pain when you have to enter data in it. 80 percent of other companies are still using the age old intranet where the employees visit their intranet merely once a month. Out of them, 75 percent use intranet solely for HR purposes. These traditional intranet lack the social components like comments, likes, profiles, share and more. Social networking features increase the productivity of knowledge workers by as much as 25 percent.

  • Ideation & Innovation Management
  • Information Discovery & Smart Search
  • Streamlined User Interface.
  • Clean & Meaningful Design.
  • Stress-Free Deployment.
  • Compatibility.
  • Content Ranking & Rating
  • Simple Administration.

Blog Posting & Sharing

Calendars & Events

File Sharing & Uploading

Forums & Discussions

Photo Gallery

Video Gallery

User Profile

Task Checks

People Directory

Wikis & Knowledge base

Search users, pages, blogs


Internal Chat

Inquiry Manager

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Facebook for enterprise
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