Mckinsey – Enterprise Intranet

Mc Kinsey – Intranet portal

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm that serves leading businesses, governments, non governmental organizations, and not-for-profits.


Project background

Mc Kinsey needed a secured intranet portal that will allow the enterprise to carry on with important organizational functions. The application will help to secure all the corporate data and also upload/delete/download files, create the directories, engaging your employees, providing access to information and enabling the different channels of communication between the management and the employees.

Key Features:

  • User registration and validation
  • Default widgets: Administrator can define default set of widgets from the options of Widgets like Calendar, Weather, Thought of the day..
  • Message board: Allows users to put a message board on their profile for other users.
    Other user can give comments on messages.
  • Photo Gallery: User can able to create own album page. User can ADD, UPDATE and DELETE album page. User can ADD, UPDATE and DELETE photos in album page.
  • Allow other users to comments on photos.
  • Facility to upload multiple images at once.
  • Videos: Upload video via URL from supported sites like Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Event calendar: User can able to ADD, VIEW list of events, assign access levels.
  • Follow Users: User can FOLLOW other users and can view the other users LIKE and COMMENTS on data (Text, Images, Videos) loaded by other users on the system.
  • Celebrations: User can view celebrations details like birthday and anniversary
  • Blog: Post your own blog.
  • Avatar: Avatar editor to crop an uploaded profile photo into something they would like
    to use as profile icon.
  • Reminders: Reminder for Celebration will display on user dashboard.
  • Advance CMS for news, events, content management, inquiry form and more.

Solution Implemented:

Creative focuses to help its clients beyond what is needed, we focus on real needs of the company and its employees. Our simple approach helps connect employee and create good working environment.

We developed an Intranet Portal that would act as a system to help find company information, employee information and helps in connecting offices with different geographical locations.

We provided Customized Intranet portals that helped build Intranet communities and other knowledge networks.

The results

Our work with CSIA completed within six months. Our work helped them deliver great User Experience with responsive intranet application by providing full ownership rights to our customers.

Web services offered :

  • Social Intranet Application Development
  • Custom Php Development
  • Content Management System

Technology used:

  • Php
  • WordPress
  • Mssql