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Corporate Social Networks

10:25 24 February in Intranet

Impact of Corporate Social Networks on Enterprises With the introduction of Generation F in the various organizations, the use of social networking for business activities has also increased tremendously. This concept has not only helped employees to connect with their clients and customers in a better...

Enterprise Intranet

13:02 10 February in Intranet

[caption id="attachment_21357" align="aligncenter" width="320"] Enterprise Intranet[/caption] Importance of the enterprise intranet As we all know that intranet is a way of easing the communication channel within any company or organization. Communication is the key in any business without which the business can achieve its motive. That is...

Corporate Intranet

12:28 04 February in Intranet

Corporate Intranet And Its Benefits For Business People who use the Internet several hours of a day must be aware of its useful effects on their life. It takes them to important information in just one click, while social media websites like Facebook and Twitter connect...