Basic ecommerce solution

Basic ecommerce solution

17:54 12 June in Ecommerce


Basic ecommerce solution gives everything you need to run a start-up ecommerce company. You’ll have a comprehensive yet a simple site to accept online payments and offer goods and services to your target audience. It’s a perfect way for a small business to get online and become known as an online vendor.

Front-end Design:
1) Professional, attractive and attractive front-end design. Unlimited text and photos (up to 50 pages).
2) Customer-made graphics (icons, buttons, bullets, etc). User-friendly navigation and clear page layout.
3) Optimization of all the images to decrease the load-rate on a dial-up connection.

Back-end Functionality:
1) PHP4 programming with relational MySQL database, database driven HTML templates; operational system – Linux.
2) Content Management System (CMS) allows you to manage your site on a regular basis. You will be able to edit/delete/add sections and subsections and any online site matter including text and images. It is very simple in use and doesn’t need any programming skills.
3) Shopping cart.
4) Add Multiple Goods Function (a customer can add a number of goods to their shopping cart).
5) Credit Card Processing – automated and real-time credit card transactions. The Credit Card Facility is to be purchased by the Customer.
6) SSL (secure socket layer) for secure order processing. The SSL certificate is to be purchased by the Customer.
7) Members Area Programming. Members’ area which permits only certain users to login and gain access to secure/protected information.

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