Custom or Turnkey Website for an Online Presence?

Custom or Turnkey Website for an Online Presence?

14:23 21 January in Web Solutions

Custom or Turnkey Website for an Online Presence?

The number of custom websites for sale has been on the rise. This is because online presence is no longer an option but a necessity for all businesses, organizations and companies. This is due to the sea of change that the internet has brought to society. Nowadays people spend almost 60% of their time on the internet. Even the most basic of activities such as shopping socializing are done over the internet.

Therefore, whatever kind of business you are in, you must have an online presence to make profit. The best tool for an online presence is a website. It will allow you to showcase your services and products and at the same time will help you to pass information to your clients. If you are thinking about purchasing a website there are two different ones you can choose from: the custom website and the turnkey website.

A custom website is created specifically for you. They are created on order. You have to participate in its construction. This means that you will have full control of how it should look-like and the topic of the website. However, the developer will offer you professional advice before you settle on the final details.

Custom websites are more expensive. This is due to the amount of work that it takes to build it from the ground up. The other factor that makes them expensive is the fact that they won’t be sold to any other person apart from you. Another important thing to note about custom websites is that you need to give the developer sometime to create it. This is different to a turnkey website, where you choose one and you can begin to use it almost immediately. In spite of this custom websites are always on demand, this is because brand names like to own their websites.

A turnkey website is described as ready-made. They come in handy when you want a website and you do not have time to wait for one to be constructed for you. A web developer comes up with different websites for different niches which can serve a variety of people. This factor makes this websites cheaper than the custom ones. This is because the developer comes up with one website which can be sold to more than one client.

Whichever option you decide – you should make your online presence be felt and take advantage of the large and dynamic online market.

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