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Ecommerce Website Marketing

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO Services)
Creative Web Promotion is committed to offering our customers the most effective Search Engine Optimization Services available.

SEO is a relatively new field of internet specialization, and as such, it is an especially effective tool for making your site more easily found by the search engines. Creative Web Promotion SEO specialists understand how to maximize your store’s search engine power, and do so legitimately, using cutting-edge SEO techniques. And since no one knows our software better than us, we are uniquely capable of optimizing your ecommerce store.

Creative Web Promotion Search Engine Optimization Services have been created to maximize your site’s search engine traffic. Creative Web Promotion will optimize the keywords on your site and create a link-building campaign that will drive qualified traffic to your store.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services also include a 30 minute consultation with one of our SEO Experts, so that we may discuss your store’s individual needs and goals. Each package also includes submissions to the top internet directories. Creative Web Promotion gives you the most SEO punch for your money.

Keywords Optimized:
Creative Web Promotion will come up with keywords for your site from our research search engines and from your competitors. Creative Web Promotion will come up with keywords for your site from our extensive research on search engines and from competitive analysis.

Home Page Content Creation:
Creative Web Promotion will create content for your homepage (200-300 words) that will be optimized for your most competitive keywords.

Product and Category Meta-Tag Creation:
Creative Web Promotion will automatically generate the Meta Tags for your products and categories based on your current product and category names.

Directory Submission:
We will submit your site to many of the top directories on the internet.

Link Popularity Program:
Creative Web Promotion will place static links on high quality, high traffic sites to in order to drive traffic to your store’s website. This will also increase your ranking on search engines for your keywords.

Creative Web Promotion is The Search Engine Optimization Specialist.
Creative Web Promotion Search Engine Optimization Services understand and focus on the fundamentals of SEO. We combine On-Page optimization and a properly executed link popularity program.

Creative Web Promotion SEO stays away from any methods that are unproven or considered “Black Hat” by search engines. To build an effective SEO campaign there are two main areas we focus on:

On-page optimization
Off-page optimization

These are the primary components to a successful Search Engine Optimization campaign.

On-page optimization deals with elements on the actual webpage, like keyword density, keyword placement, and overall content within the site. Many SEO companies only focus on this area and miss out on the benefits of Off-page optimization. You can’t create a successful SEO campaign if you only focus on On-page optimization techniques.

Off-page optimization has to do with links pointing to you. If Page A points to Page B, then Page A casts a vote for page B. This is one part of the search algorithm used by many search engines. Another part of their algorithm is rating the actual value of Page A. If Page A is valuable and it is pointing to page B, then page B must have value as well. As you begin to understand these factors, then you will have a very basic understanding of how search relevancy works in some of the larger search engines.

There is a popular example within the SEO community that shows the power of Off-page optimization. Creative Web Promotion is showing this only for example purposes and is not trying to express any political affiliations one way or the other. If you go to and type in the phrase “miserable failure” (without the quotes), what are the first two sites that you see pop up? This was accomplished with only Off-page optimization. Obviously this phrase appears nowhere on either page, but Google stills pulls these two sites up first.

As an SEO Firm we use only ethical SEO methods to improve your search engine rankings.