How to Build a WordPress Website?

How to Build a WordPress Website?

14:47 26 June in Web Solutions

WordPress websites are incredibly popular because they are easy to create and even easier to use to update. Adding new news (posts) and new web pages very easily is a big attraction of WordPress.

WordPress did not start out as a CMS, it was originally built to allow users to easily manage their blog content, but it has now grown and is developing fast into the most secure and easy to use CMS tool.

There are several steps to building a fully fledged WordPress CMS website:

  •  Get a domain (
  • Get a host (A place to host your WordPress site)
  • Download WordPress (Search WordPress download)
  • Install WordPress (Some hosts will have auto-installation features)
  • Begin changing the style and WordPress theme
  • Posting content on your WordPress website (pages and posts)

These steps do not go into nearly as much detail as needed to build a custom WordPress content management website, but I aim to outline the main aspects needed in order to get a WordPress website up and running on your own host.

Custom WordPress websites might include sophisticated functions to collect payment or build social networks. The reason WordPress is truly great is because it is so expandable and adaptive. WordPress content management system websites can easily be used to generate tons of traffic and make plenty of money. This fact has been shown time and time, with WordPress blogs and classified advertising WordPress websites making tons of money from websites built on the WordPress CMS platform.

WordPress websites can easily be built from installing a simple theme free from the back-end of the WordPress CMS. A theme will change the way the content you post is displayed. You can get a WordPress CMS website to just output the images you include or you can get it to post the images, text, videos, and title all in one big stream. The content stream on a WordPress CMS website is commonly known as the loop. The loop will pull information and display it on the WordPress website. For example, the loop you might wish to display only the latest post, so it will update the websites latest post to the last post published. The loop is one of the main attractions to the WordPress platform.

Pages are generally more static, once created they are often not updated as often as the latest post would. The most important information on your website should be included in your pages, as posts will archive and be not as predominant as the pages on the homepage of your website.

If you want to know how to build a WordPress website, then I would recommend a good level of ability in html, css, php, and javascript; although from building WordPress websites in the past I have learnt a lot of new things including a great deal of php.

Don’t worry yourself too much; because building a WordPress CMS website is easy and can be achieved without the importance of web coding knowledge, although a basic understanding will go a long way should you choose to build more complex WordPress sites.

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