How to Choose Right Colors based on Website Theme?

How to Choose Right Colors based on Website Theme?

15:35 08 December in Web Solutions

A website is like a business’ online identity. It tells a lot about the business’ objectives, authenticity and credibility. Therefore, it is imperative to have a professional and visually appealing website. In fact, such a website is a pre-requisite for a successful online business. When it comes to the aesthetic value of a website, colors play a very crucial role. The colors used in the website design help to attract the visitors’ attention. A well designed website with suitable colors is what attracts the visitors the most. Right colors lend readability to your site and contribute significantly in its success.

While selecting the color combination for your website, it is important to keep the theme of the site in mind. It should be ensured that the colors you select match the theme of your site. It should be borne in mind that the colors used in your custom web design should be complementary to your logo. This is important as it helps to create the brand image of a website.

It is also important to ensure that the colors you select do not affect the readability of the text. A wrong color combination can mar the readability of the text. It will render all your efforts come to naught. The message you want to convey to your visitors and buyers is extremely important. The colors should be such that they do not make the text unreadable. Avoid using light font colors on a light background. This makes it difficult to read the text. Always try to use colors that provide good contrast. This enhances the readability of the text.

Do not use multiple colors. Try not to use more than 4 colors for your business web design. Complementary colors that are opposite to each other on a color wheel offer maximum readability when they are used on certain backgrounds. Some of the commonly used color sets are blue and orange, yellow and purple, red and green. You can also use colors that are similar to the main one.

By adhering to the above mentioned points, you can easily select the right color combinations for your website. Hire a good web design company that ensures a quality web application development. This will ensure a quality web design for your website.

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