About This Project
Dr. Turner’s dental clinics The Dental specialty Clinics is the center of excellence for dentistry in Mumbai. Their award-winning team provides Cosmetic Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry, Prosthodontist, Implantologist and Porcelain Veneer dentists all at exceptionally high standards. New safe and painless dental treatment techniques have been developed that preserve your natural tooth structure and create amazing natural transformations within minimum time.

Project background

Dr. Turner’s dental clinics wanted to build their website to make their presence online across the web. With the emerging competition with dental website across Mumbai. And to boost their business. They approached us to build a website for their company.

The solution

The first phase of the website involved, finalizing a mobile responsive template for the Dental business. There were hundreds of templates available online, but choosing one which serves business needs and fits SEO norms was a tedious task.
The second phase includes Designing the Website. They wanted to make Responsive website as it is more flexible and can be viewed in pc, mobile phone,iPad, etc
The third phase involved to do content writing. Creative content writers, to feed in the company information like blogs Displaying products under relevant categories with efficient data and images, blogs, Google analytics.
The fourth phase incorporates SEO which provides On-page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.
On Page, Optimization includes effective content writing for a website to improve the ranking of the website.
Off Page Optimization includes bookmarking,rss,directory submition,local citation.
We do the following testing before launching the website – Broken links check, Spell check, grammar check, stress test.
We even provided service such as Web Hosting of their website such as Internet hosting service to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.
We even provided services such as Website speed optimization that produces highly competitive web sites that out-perform on every measure; traffic, speed, conversion rates.
The results
Our work with Dr. Turner’s dental clinics really helped them get a first-hand serving of what its business needed.
The various phases of the project took three-four months. It was a rewarding SEO project, and in the end, our work provided the newly cohesive, user-focused, online presence for Dr. Turner’s dental clinics.

Web services offered:

Responsive Web Design
Web Hosting
Content Writing
Website Speed Optimization

Technology used:

Open source

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