Mailing Service


What is my email-id/email address?


Your email-id or email address is an address, which can be used to send or receive emails e.g. [email protected] or [email protected] Your email-id consists of two parts – local part and domain part. In [email protected] the word “you” is called local part and “” is the domain part.


What is pop3 mail?


POP3 stands for “Post Office Protocol Version 3” which is used to retrieve emails kept on a mail server to your pc using an email client such as “Microsoft Outlook Express”, “Microsoft Outlook”, “Netscape Messenger”, “Eudora Mail” etc.


What is web mail?


Web mail is an email service, which is used to check emails using a web browser such as “Microsoft Internet Explorer”, “Netscape Navigator” etc


What is my mailbox?


Mailbox is the file that stores the messages sent to your email address. Every email-id has one mailbox attached to it.


What is my pop-id?


Pop-id is a unique number assigned to your mailbox, which is also used as your email username while you retrieve your emails from Creative web solution’s Mail Server using an email client such as “Microsoft Outlook Express”, “Microsoft Outlook”, “Netscape Messenger”, “Eudora Mail” etc. It is an alphanumeric number that looks like this “a1234567-1”.


What is my email alias?


If your email address is [email protected], your email alias is “you” (part of your email address before @ sign). It is also called “local part” of an email address


How do I create an email-id on my domain name?


Log in through “MY ACCOUNT” at with your username and password.

Once you are successfully logged in, go to Email services and click on the link
“Create Email Id For My Domain Name”

Click on the “Manage Email” link beside your domain name.

To create a new email account, click on “Create” button and specify the email address you wish to create and then type in the password twice and choose “Create” button

You’ll see the success message on next screen that confirms that your email-id has been created successfully. Your email address will be [email protected]


What is my Incoming Mail Server (POP3 Server)?


Incoming mail server or POP3 Server for Creative web solution’s all email services is


What is my Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP Server)?


Outgoing mail server for Creative web solution’s all email services is the SMTP of your Internet
service provider(ISP).


What is my Email Username/Email Account Name/Mail Server Username?


All these terms are used by various email clients to describe the username for an email-id. Every email-id has a username attached to it, which is supplied along with a password to the mail server while retrieving emails. This is same as your pop-id.


How do I configure my email account in an email client (Microsoft Outlook Express/Netscape Messenger)?


Please follow this link for a step-by-step guide with screenshots on how to configure an email client to send/receive emails:


How do I check my emails without using an email client?


Login to; provide your email-id ([email protected]) and your email password to see your mailbox.


How do I check my emails using Creative web solution web mail Service?


Creative web solution Web mail URL is where you can check your emails from anywhere in the world without configuring an email client. Just login with your email-id as username and email-password as password and you’ll see a user-friendly interface, just like your favorite email client (Outlook Express/Netscape).


How do I change the password of my email-id?


Log in through “MY ACCOUNT” at with your username and password.

Once you are successfully logged in, go to Email services and click on the link
“Change Password of Emails”

Click on the “Manage Email” link beside your domain name.

To change password of your email account, click on “password change” button

Enter the password details and click on “Change”
You’ll see the success message on next screen that confirms that password of your email-id has been changed successfully.


How do I change my email alias?



Log in through “MY ACCOUNT” at with your username and password.


Once you are successfully logged in, go to Email services and click on the link
“Change Email Alias”


Click on the “Manage Email” link beside your domain name.


To change alias of your email account, click on “change alias” button


Enter the new details and click on “Change”

You’ll see the success message on next screen that confirms that alias of your email-account has been changed successfully.


How can I redirect emails sent to my email-id on to another email-id? (Email Forwarding)


Log in through “MY ACCOUNT” at with your username and password.

Once you are successfully logged in, go to Email services and click on the link
“Forward Email”

Click on the “Manage Email” link beside your domain name.

To change alias of your email account, click on “Forward” button

Enter the enter email ID to forward to and click on “Forward”
You’ll see the success message on next screen that confirms that alias of your email-account has been changed successfully.


My ISP is not Creative web solutions, what should I use as my Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP Server)?


SMTP server for creative web solution’s all email services is SMTP of your Internet
service provider(ISP).


My domain is not hosted with Creative web solutions. Can I use Creative web solutions’s Email Services?


Yes, you can. You can either host your domain with Creative web solutions or get your domain’s MX record pointed to Creative web solutions. After paying for the email services, your domain will be authorized to use Creative web solution’s mail services.


What is my mailbox quota? (Maximum allowable size for my mailbox)


Creative web solution provides every email-id; a quota of 20 Mega Bytes in terms of storage space after reaching, which emails sent to, that email-id will start bouncing back to the sender stating that the mailbox for this email-id is full. This is applicable for all the email services that Creative web solution provided be it Dial-up, Domains, and Web-hosting etc


Can I get extra storage capacity (above 20 MB) for my mailbox?


Every extra 1MB of storage space would cost you Rs100/-

** The extra storage is applicable on the POP account i.e. only.


How can I “Leave a copy of messages on Creative web solution’s Mail Server”?


If you wish to keep a backup of your messages on the server while checking your emails using an email client such as “Outlook Express” or “Netscape Messenger” you need to be aware that this will add to the storage space occupied on the mail server and will be counted against your mailbox quota. This feature is found in the advanced configuration properties of the email clients. You can find those options by looking at the step-by-step screenshots for all the commonly used email clients by clicking here.


I can’t send emails without a subject, why?


Creative web solution restricts all outbound emails without a subject. If you try to send one, it bounces immediately with the relevant error message. It is done because one, it is a part of email ethics that one should not send a message without a subject and two, having a subject is always helpful in tracking and controlling an email message for internet community.


What is SPAM?


SPAM is unsolicited/unwanted email message(s), which is/are sent to a recipient against his/her will. SPAM most commonly includes bulk commercial email, which is sent to multiple email address for the purpose of advertising of a product or service with a common subject and message body. SPAM doesn’t always mean bulk email but anything that is objectionable to the recipient.


What is the maximum message size that I can send or receive using my email-id?


SMTP (Simple Message Transfer Protocol) is traditionally the protocol that is meant for transfer of short messages on the Internet and shouldn’t be misused for transferring huge data. Maximum message size should not increase 3 MB under normal circumstances.


I am trying correct email username and password combination and still unable to login to my email account, why?


Please make sure that you are entering your pop-id (e.g. a1234567-1) as your email username. Your email password is case-sensitive; so make sure that you are entering it in correct case. In case you’ve forgotten your password, you can always get it emailed to your administrative email-id.


I’ve forwarded my email-id to another email-id but I am unable to receive emails on the 2nd email-id, why?


Please check that you have entered correct spelling for your 2nd email-id. If you are sure that you have then try sending a test message to the 2nd email-id and see if you receive it. If this doesn’t work for you, then remove the forwarding and check whether you can receive emails on your email address or not.


I am unable to receive any emails sent to my email-id, why?


Make sure the MX record for your domain is [email protected] and your domain has not expired yet else you wont receive any emails on your domain. Also check that the email-id on which you are trying to send emails is not forwarded to any other email-id.


While trying to receive messages in my email client, I get a message saying, “The host could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly”, why?


Please make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Check this by opening some web sites using your web browser. If you are online then make sure that you can reach Creative web solution’s mail server. Try tracing and see if you can reach it.
For doing that, go to MS-DOS Prompt from your PC and type tracert If at the end of it, you get a message saying “Trace Completed” and you don’t get any “Request Timed Out” messages in between, it means that network connectivity exists between your PC and Creativewebsolution’s Mail Server. Then you shouldn’t be having any problems downloading emails. If you still have, then contact your local network administrator to find out that there is no restriction on pop mails in your network and your Proxy Server (if any) supports POP3 and SMTP.


While downloading my emails, I get a message saying, “Your POP server has not responded in 60 seconds. Would you like to wait for another 60 seconds”, why?


This happens if your email client has established connection with the mail server once and after that the connectivity has been lost. The possible causes are low speed connectivity, overwhelming requests on the server, network problems etc. Try and trace to find out network problems. Go to MS-DOS prompt in your PC and type tracert and check where do you find maximum latency and inform our support team if the delay is at Creativewebsolution’s end.


I have changed my email password and I am unable to login to my email-id after that. Why?


Please make sure that you are trying your new password in correct case. If it still doesn’t work, get it emailed to your administrative email-id from your control panel a to be 100% sure that it is correct.


While trying to receive emails, I can see messages getting downloaded and in between it gets stuck, why?


This normally happens if you have a low speed connection (dial-up) and the size of messages you are trying to receive is big. Can happen in good quality connections as well if the message size is huge. This happens because SMTP and POP3 protocol were designed keeping in mind that they will serve the transfer of short messages and most importantly your bandwidth is not good enough to be able to handle that big a message.
To get rid of it, you can login to your email-id using Creative web solution’s Webmail and delete bigger messages if they are not of big importance to you.


I can download/send my emails but at a very slow speed, why?


Downloading emails can be slow if you have low speed Internet connectivity compared to the size of messages you are trying to download. If you feel that you have good enough connectivity and still the email download is slow, check the connection speed between your computer and the mail server. For doing this, you need to go to MS-DOS prompt on your PC and type ping Find out the time it takes to ping the mail server. If it is less than 600 ms, the connectivity is good enough to download emails at normal speed. If it is above that, then you need to find out where is it getting delayed using tracert command. On MS-DOS prompt, type tracert If you can’t understand the figures you are getting on the black window, please call up Creative web solution Support Team for help.


I am not using Creative web solution as my ISP and I can’t send/receive my emails, why?


If you are able to open websites and are able use email-ids other than Creative web solution, then you need to trace Creativewebsolution’s mail server from your network. If you are using a PC, then type tracert on command prompt. For analyzing the results, contact Creative web solution support team and contact your local ISP if the problem is at their end.


I am getting all my old emails, which I had downloaded earlier, why?


The most probable reason for receiving your old emails once again is that you have recently configured your email client and you have done it before with the option “Leave a copy on the Server” checked. Since a copy of your email is already there on the mail server and your recently configured email client is treating them as fresh emails, it will download them on your PC.


I am getting multiple copies of one email and fail to understand why? (Repeated Emails)


The most common reason for receiving repeated emails can be explained using an example. You’ve created an email-id [email protected] and forwarded it to itself and [email protected] Now you have both the email-ids configured in your email client and if someone sends you an email at [email protected], you are bound to get 2 copies for the same message (one for a and other for b account). This is the basic concept which can become a more complex one if you have number of email-ids on your domain and you do lot of email forwarding between those email-ids.


How do I get rid of junk messages from my mailbox?


The best possible way is to identify the Sender host’s IP address from the message headers and send a formal complaint to the person responsible for that IP address stating that the aforesaid IP address is responsible for sending you the unsolicited emails. Find out the email address of person responsible for a particular IP address from for Asia-pacific regions. If you need help for finding the IP address and the person responsible, contact Creative web solution’s support team. If the sender is using Creative web solution’s email services, please inform our support team and Creative web solution will be immediately taking action against unsolicited email sender.


I am receiving a number of bounced messages while I haven’t sent any emails to anyone, why?


This is a symptom of virus in your PC. Recent viruses/worms keep sending emails from infected PCs without the user’s knowledge. If a machine is infected and is online, viruses use it to spread themselves through emails. They use their in-built SMTP engine and infected user’s address book for sending those emails. Immediately clean your PC with good and updated anti-virus software. If you don’t know how to do this, contact your hardware/software vendor for the same.


I’ve sent a few emails to myself but I haven’t received any?


Mails can get delayed rarely during peak hours due to huge/unexpected traffic. This will be a rare case. Please be patient and wait for a while before your mails will get delivered.


I’ve sent a few emails to other email-ids, neither have they reached nor bounced back to me, why?


This happens; if the remote SMTP is unable to receive emails due to heavy traffic, network congestion, misconfiguration or overwhelming requests or remote SMTP is down for some reason. Creative web solution’s email server will keep those messages in queue for its next delivery attempt and will bounce it back to you after it fails to deliver them in a fixed amount of time.


People complain that they have sent me a few emails but I haven’t received any, why?


Find out from which email-id they sent those messages. Take out the domain part and try to ping that domain from your PC. A domain name should resolve to an IP address to be able to send emails to our mail server. If it doesn’t Creative web solution’s mail server won’t accept the message and sender will get an error. If the sender hasn’t got an error message yet, he/she needs to contact his Mail server administrator.
In case you find that sender’s domain actually does resolve then the most likely reason why you did not receive the message is that it wasn’t resolving when the email was sent to you. Sender should get an error in any case


While trying to send a message I get “550 Relaying Denied” message, why?


Make sure that you are using SMTP of your Internet service provider(ISP) as your Outgoing Mail Server and your “From Email-id” is You won’t get this error message irrespective of the ISP you are using.


The emails I sent are bouncing back with some error; I don’t know from which server are they bouncing back?


Every bounced message contains an error message, which is normally a self explanatory one. If an error has come from any of Creative web solution’s Mail Server, it will contain the name of that server with extension Creative web ( most common SMTP errors have been discussed at the end of this FAQ section with the reasons. If you need help in understanding the bounced message, contact our Support team.


What is “Bizmail”? What is the procedure for buying “Bizmail”?


Bizmail is an email product from Creative web solution that gives you the freedom to choose your email alias and domain at once. Browse for package and pricing details on Bizmail.


I tried to send someone email but got a bounce message. Is something broken on your server or with my machine?


Email error messages usually mean what they say. For example, if your bounce message says, “mail box is full,” the mailbox of the person you’re trying to contact is probably full. If the message says “Unknown “local part” in domain “”” then there is probably something wrong with the email address that has been entered in the TO: field, etc. Following are the most common error numbers with SMTP error messages attached to them, which may vary from server to server:

SMTP Error Messages:

  • Error # Error Message (may vary)
  • 421 Service not available, closing transmission channel
  • 450 Mailbox unavailable
  • 451 Local error in processing
  • 452 Insufficient system storage
  • 500 Syntax error, command unrecognized
  • 501 Syntax error in parameters or argumentsv
  • 502 Command not implemented
  • 503 Bad sequence of commands
  • 504 Command parameter not implemented
  • 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (or Relaying Denied)
  • 551 User not local
  • 552 Requested mail action aborted: exceeded storage allocation
  • 553 Requested action not taken: mailbox name not allowed
  • 554 Transaction failed
  • 9100 Not enough memory
  • 9101 A task is already in progress
  • 9102 No recipient was specified
  • 9103 Aborted by user
  • 9104 Invalid email address
  • 9105 Invalid mail server address
  • 9106 Invalid user name
  • 9107 Invalid password
  • 9108 Mail server is not responding
  • 9109 Invalid reply from the server
  • 9111 One or more e-mails were undeliverable