Role of Simplicity in ecommerce

Role of Simplicity in ecommerce

12:55 16 October in Ecommerce


E Commerce website development is the process of development of websites, for selling products. Most businesses today have invested in online shop development and that’s quite justified as well. After all, consumers are increasingly getting net savvy and a major chunk of dealings, now happen online. Thus, let it be Zen cart e Commerce development or Magneto e Commerce web development, designers are leaving no stone unturned to create dynamic e Commerce websites.

However, design intricacies have reached a stage where the websites are getting too complicated. It all started with websites selling a few products or offering basic scheme. But with time, the scope has tremendously expanded. It is no longer limited to few products or pages. 1000s of products are displayed and sold on a website. While earlier, it was just an introductory scheme, now there are a range of offers and plan options. Payments too are made online and on several occasions the e Commerce website is developed such that offered discount coupons can be availed across a segment of portals. The stated has empowered customer to do as much more, however at the same time, this has also complicated the whole process. With one website selling products and fulfilling the various related functions, website development is no longer an easy job. Different applications like Zen cart development or Magneto e Commerce development or other such variants are thus being deployed.

Increased demands however have made the websites more complicated. The simplicity factor has eroded and this is a problem. A shopper is now lost in the online maze. One page directs to another, which leads to a yet another connecting page and so on so forth. Many a times, buyers end up buying wrong products or stay confused over the amount of final bill. Either product specifications are not clear or there are just too many pictures to confuse. In other words, the focus during development of online shops has drifted from the buyer’s ease. The websites are no longer user friendly. They are hi-tech and they have excellent sale offers, but the look & feel is all too difficult.

Target consumer is important

Simplicity is important in website development; the role however increases if the target audiences are people from non technical background. The idea is that the user has limited technical knowledge and he has reached a particular website to buy. This buyer is simply not interested in the sophisticated programming techniques applied, while making this website. Customer will be impressed if he can find the needed products simply and can buy them, with as much ease.

Researchers have established that the cognitive load must be reduced so that the user is able to take in & thus understand the information presented on a page. From a company perspective, this shall greatly help. Most buyers will favor a website which helps them shop, without having to go through the nitty-gritty of the difficult surfing process. E commerce web design is about simplicity. While developing an e Commerce website for selling products, keep target audiences in mind & ensure that the final product is usable.

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