The Only Way to Get Free Website Traffic

The Only Way to Get Free Website Traffic

17:11 30 May in Web Solutions

There are literally thousands of ways to get free website traffic to your website, however, the majority of them does not work or are not passive – that is once you do it, the traffic stops. What methods genuinely work and keep working into the future?

Well, really there are not many. However, you require thinking about how search engines operate. They operate on content. This is why Google always says that content is king. This is because the more content you add to your website in your relevant niche the more chance you have of getting your website to the top of the search engine results page for your relevant keywords.

Once your site reaches number one, you will get a constant stream of free traffic. So the aim is to get your website to number one for your target keywords. However, this is easier said than done. What methods can you employ to get your website to the number one position?

Well, firstly you should check out your competition. This is because if you are in a very competitive niche, you are unlikely to get your site to number one very easily. In fact, it would take years unless you throw some serious money at it.

The way to check your competition is to use search strings in Google such as the all in title search. This will show you how many pages use the keywords you are focusing on.

The next thing to do is to add content to your site. This means adding it on a regular basis. Add as much content as you can over and over again and give your readers some decent content to read. Make sure it is all relevant to your niche.

Thirdly, create back links. Back links strengthen your websites position in the search engine results pages and this will ensure you get a strong foothold and remain there at the top of the pile.

Really if you are not getting traffic at the moment or you are only getting a little amount you are certainly doing something wrong. With some effort spent in the correct places you will get free website traffic. However, the key is to find those methods that you do once and then the website traffic just keeps coming. I will show you what actually works. If you keep doing what you are doing, one or two months from now, you are likely to be in the very same position. If you are serious about making money online then you must find out what actually works.


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