About This Project

To Inspire India

To Inspire India is a network of NRI’s who have undertaken the responsibility to help drive change in India. They are an organization that brings to light inspiring stories in India and connects them to the world for support. ‘To Inspire India’ raises funds on behalf of deserving candidates. India has several outstanding athletes, who are capable of winning several medals for the country. However, these athletes have inadequate protein diet, no dietary supplements, and poor training facilities; hence they started with sponsoring the unsung sports heroes of our country.

Project background

It was required to make their presence online to raise awareness of their campaigns so that more people know about the work of their firm. Thus they wanted to build a dynamic and attractive website for their firm. they approached us to built the Responsive Website for toinspireindia.

The solution

Responsive Web Design is required to make website more flexible as it can be viewed in pc, mobile phone,iPad, etc. Also making the website more responsive and attractive. We used the following technology such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript.
Then we did content writing for their website. Such as writing blogs with effective content writers to an emphasis on various topics. and make people aware of their work and campaigns conducted.
We even provided services such as web hosting of their website such as Internet hosting service to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web.
We used technology such as Php, Open source, WordPress.And HTML5 and CSS to make a responsive website.
The results
Our work with toinspireindia was a good experience and we very much appreciate their efforts for this noble work. The various phases of the project took two-three month.
and in the end, our work provided the newly cohesive, user-focused, online presence of toinspireindia across the web.

Web services offered:

Responsive web design
Content writing
Web hosting

Technology used:

Open source

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