Turning your buyers into Brand loyalists!!


Brand Loyalty and being a consumer's brand

Did you ever ask the question “Why every fall Apple Inc. has makes you buy it's next generation iPhone?” or “Why everyone opts for a Coke than any other brand when having aerated drinks?” It's pretty sure that you are ought to buy those things which in your mind have made a willingful or unwillingful impact by the brand you use, because some quality of it struck you hard in the back of your mind making you build a love for that brand.
The big idea that revolves around this “brand loyalty” thing is that people will end up buying something only for two major reasons – either the brand has already provided a great level of satisfaction through its a product or it has made its name among people which is a symbol of something greater.
And while loyalty cannot be instilled into customers, it has to be gradually build in customer community with product or services that customers can look up to. And while talking about product and services, it should be something customers want. Brands today need to understand that while only offering services that they can offer isn't enough for creating the connection. It is a brand that goes the other way of providing customers with what they really expect from them.
Customers love brands that take care of their needs, make them feel more filled with the possession of the brand's products and upgrade their status quo socially. We have seen a large number of brands doing this and quite successful when it comes to serving their customers. Coca-cola is a brand introduced in 1886, but still makes a humongous impact on customers. And makes people feel the urge to have its drink for a refreshing experience.
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