What is eCommerce Software?

What is eCommerce Software?

12:38 10 October in Ecommerce

Selling on the internet is now vital to businesses and accounted for 276 billion pounds of revenue for European eCommerce retailers during 2011. But for some setting up your own website can seem complicated, with many businesses simply not understanding how ecommerce software works.


ECommerce or electronic commerce refers to the process of buying and selling products or services over the internet with the use of a website and specialist ecommerce software

Why Do It

The simple answer for many businesses is to make money, but for many it can be about tapping into previously ignored marketing channels by making use of existing product ranges. For example existing bricks and mortar businesses or wholesalers can link their existing stock control software to an ecommerce website making the process of taking a business online simple.

Choosing a Provider

Ecommerce Software has existing for over 20 years as such their many different providers to choose from. Prices can vary depending on the functionality your require, ranging from basic systems that cost nothing with limited functionality to full enterprise level ecommerce software which includes your branding and integrated stock control, warehouse management system and CRM modules.

Whatever your budget it’s still important to consider a few key points when choosing your ecommerce website provider:

  • Select an eCommerce system that will enable integration with other top of the range products for search, merchandising, basket conversion and not tie you into a ‘closed system’.
  • A built in or integrated back office systems. Having a system which integrates stock control, warehouse and CRM means you only have to manage your business in one location.
  • SEO and CMS: Make sure the system allows you to edit elements such as page titles and Meta descriptions essential to SEO; additionally you should be able to edit text content easily from a website content management system.
  • PCI Compliant – the software should have secure integration with a proven payment gateway that supports ‘token’ authorizations and settlement


ECommerce software works by allowing you to sell on the web, a good system should help you setup easily a new venture or allow you to easily take your existing business online. Make sure you select an eCommerce provider who is as passionate about your business as you are and whose software has the right functionality to meet your customers’ needs. Finally remember that your ecommerce website is your window to the world and deserves the same attention you would pay to a shop front on the high street.

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