Boom in online shopping in India

18:02 10 March in B2B, B2C, Bespoke Ecommerce, Ecommerce, Ecommerce Solutions, Web Solutions

The e-retailers or e-tailers as they say, are giving a run for their business to the dominant retailers in India. It’s evident that one time considered to be a trickle in the shopping industry have become a tide as the eCommerce business is growing manufolds in a span of 5-years.

Every year offline buyers are shifting to online shopping, as they are now able to enjoy and take advantage of all the benefits that the ecommerce retailers offer. And please dont fail to understand that these list is small. These services include door-step delivery, custom requirement for your needs, online payment as well as cash-on-delivery, eye catching discounts, lower prices, better and wider options and the list goes on.

Both the international as well as home-based ecommerce websites are contributing to the growth of the new digital India. India being at the centre of business as a new market to explore business opportunities is driving entreprenuers, business corporates and startups to get their products online for their consumers. It’s a win-win situation for both e-tailers as well as consumers.

Adding further to this digital devices are fast increasing in number and thus this helps e-tailers to reach their consumers via various digital platforms.

The toss over online shopping is a fair bid for startups who can offer less price for better and broader range of products. The race to gain business and stay ahead of the game is quite an interesting column to be watched.

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