Business Ideas after Lockdown in India

12:19 14 July in SEO, Social business software

COVID-19, one of the deadliest Corona viruses has sustained remarkable losses to families’ worldwide, along with immense slowdown and stagnation to economies around the globe.

Currently lockdown is a short-term measure taken by the governments of various countries to slow down the spread of this virus and to take appropriate steps to fight Coronavirus battle. Due to this businesses have suffered huge losses and people have lost their jobs too because of the massive economic crash caused by COVID19.

Therefore, we have to turn out to be more aware, decisive and proactive and think of businesses that can be started during lockdown from home.

Listed below are some of the popular businesses that can be started in lockdown:

Selling healthcare products

With the emergence of lockdown, homemade or small scale mask making and hand sanitizer production has increased significantly to meet the demand of a variety in face masks and hand sanitizers.

Several entrepreneurs, small businessmen, self-employed professionals, SMEs and MSMEs have decided to start face mask manufacturing and hand sanitizer business.

Doorstep Delivery Business

In upcoming years, online delivery business will shoot up as customers will prefer buying products online with doorstep delivery, rather than visiting grocery stores, malls and shopping complexes since there will be more possibility of getting infected in these areas. Doorstep delivery is the best alternative business during the lockdown period, which includes various types of delivery services for essential items delivery, grocery delivery, pharmaceuticals delivery etc.

Food Delivery, take away or Tiffin Service

Of late, the Indian Central Government has granted permission to restaurants and food outlets to supply food via online platforms and deliver it with the help of delivery vendors.

Online Tuition Classes

Students are struggling and their education is getting hampered amid COVID19 outbreak. To make the best of this strange situation; professional teachers with knowledge, skills and expertise in any specific field or subject can start their online tuition or coaching classes.

Becoming a YouTuber

People can earn a decent amount from online social media platforms, like YouTube , which is considered the most popular. Yes, becoming a YouTuber is trending new business, if you really adore and possess a unique style or art to make many followers or subscribers of your channel.

Paintings or Art work

Artists now worldwide have got ample amount of time to showcase their talent through their paintings or any specific art form. Artists can present their artwork through virtual exhibitions online and further deliver it at the customer’s doorstep.

Additional Businesses

  • Online consultancy business
  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Website development business
  • Photography business
  • Homemade clothes, wooden toys, handbags, greeting cards, etc.
  • Sell Kitchen accessories and plantation items
  • Candles making business
  • Making and selling of gifts items like cakes, antiques, picture frames, ornaments, customized cups, perfumes, ceramic goods and much more.

Creative Digital marketing Consultancy for fresh businesses in and post lockdown

Being a digital marketing company, we at Creative have received many inquiries from previous clientele as well as new ones.

Many shared the idea to go digital and start a new brand or startup or promote their ongoing businesses during this lockdown. 85% the business ideas were among the ones mentioned above.

Few digital marketing consultancy tips offered by Creative

  • For low cost products or less investment ideas, Creative had suggested targeting social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Creating a new website and managing it would increase the initial business investment. Thus Creative suggested collaborating with B2C giants like Amazon and Flipkart or others.
  • For a medium value product, Creative has suggested establishing a brand online by creating a website, and endorse it on search engines with effective SEO strategy, also content marketing along Google PPC strategy.
  • For a huge ecommerce business dealing in variety of products under niche category, Creative is providing digital marketing solution, which involved the following: an interactive mobile responsive ecommerce portal, a rigorous 100-500 keyword SEO campaign with long tail along with product specific keyword targets, Paid promotions online, Content marketing and Online engagement via effective social media marketing strategy.
  • Creative is also providing digital marketing consultancy to professionals like lawyers, accounts consultants, insurance services, doctors and others.
  • Professional reputation development and management, online existence branding, Linkedin marketing were few of the many solutions offered by Creative.