How to Build an SEO Strategy and Promote Your Business in 5 Steps

How to Build an SEO Strategy and Promote Your Business in 5 Steps

13:26 21 July in SEO, Social Network Business

Just 5 steps to build an SEO Strategy and Promoting Your Business


1. Create a list of long-tail keywords based on these topics.

Targeting long tail keywords permits a business to catch the fancy of people who have varying interests in and who are concerned about owning their product — and finally create more entry points for people who are interested in buying something from you.

Use subtopics for blog posts or web pages ideas that explain a definite concept within each larger topic you identified in.  

2. Build pages for every topic.

Aiming to get one page to rank for a few keywords can be next to impossible when it comes to websites ranking in search engines. Use your keyword list and decide how many different pillar pages you should make. In the end, the number of topics for which you created pillar pages should correspond with how many different products, offerings, and locations your business has.  

3. Creating unique content which people really want to engage with is tough.

It is worth spending some brief time analyzing what posts of other people are becoming popular, and the easiest way to do this is by studying content through various SEO tools available on the internet. 

How do I hunt on the web?

Very rapidly, you can begin to draw together topics that you can notice are driving engagement, with ideas including:

  • How will COVID-19 influence buyer psychology as the planet returns to a new normal?
  • How to breed cost-effective leads in 2020?
  • Find people you need to follow on Twitter and LinkedIn to keep updated with digital marketing trends.
  • How to market a product that has fewer buyers and still kick start your growth?


4. Engage With Other People’s Content and increase the online score 

The truth is that new accounts are not really trusted by the community the same manner as established ones are. And this yet makes sense.

To become a trusted reliable voice on popular blogs, you need to build up votes. That is a score you build up by commenting on other people’s posts and ultimately creating your own. 

Upvoting gives positive score and downvoting gives negative score. It is the way to make sure that users see the very best comments, and it is something that you can’t overlook if you really want it to work for you as a channel. 

5. Measure and track your content’s success

Many times, SEO can take a lot of time and effort. There are many metrics you need to track on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to keep your SEO plan on track and measure your success rate.

Since the metric you are bothered about is organic traffic which comes from a particular search engine, seek out a tool that helps you to track both your overall organic traffic number and also how your pages are ranking under each long-tail keyword your pages are targeting for rankings.