How To Run A successful Marketing Campaign On Instagram In 2020

How To Run A successful Marketing Campaign On Instagram In 2020

17:39 17 August in SEO, Social Network Business

How to operate A successful Marketing Campaign On Instagram In 2020

Digital marketing is a tough ball game which is hard to master by itself. Today many companies are opting for unethical methods like buying followers and likes, out of which 70% are false profiles or robots.

Holistic Marketing in the Digital World

A large and flourished digital presence is important for any company. But what is more essential here is that your presence on the internet should also be valued, appreciated and respected by the masses. And this is where holistic digital marketing comes into picture.  

Holistic digital marketing is a way for companies to influence digital marketing strategies in such a manner that produces advantageous and lasting results for the brand name in the long-term prospects.

These techniques are useful to companies in building and cultivating trust among their consumers and also developing positive relationships among various communities.  

Victorious Marketing Strategies on Instagram

The Facebook-owned company Instagram has become one of the prime digital marketing platforms with one billion active users.

1. Educate Your Audience

The first rule, metaphorically, for any effective digital marketing is to create value for the audience. About 71 percent of active Instagram users are under the age of 35, thus according to Oberlo’s marketing statistics 2020, you must blend out content, that is a mix of entertainment as well as learning.  

Given that educational content is widely respected and also very easy to absorb if presented in an unconventional way like entertainment, you can expect to see superior conversion rates as time progresses.  

2. The Unicorn Strategy

The unicorn strategy is an evergreen scheme of digital marketing because it is not affected by the social media platforms’ or search engines’ algorithms. This strategy is absolutely easy. First you have to find another company, brand, organization, product, or service that is very same as yours and visit their Instagram page. Then, you have to go through as many as possible posts of theirs and rank the posts with the highest number of likes and comments.  

After filtering out some of the highest performing posts, you have to now just replicate it or re-post giving a credit to the source.  

The logic behind this strategy is that your audience will be presented with content that has already been established as “engaging” by many audiences. Even though it may not be original, your viewers will now start to see your brand as something that is delivering relatable and engaging content. 

3. Market a Cause

If you are only obsessed and gripped with your company’s products and services, you will not do yourself and your organization much good. You need to showcase the world the real purpose of your products and how they solve an enduring problem in society.

This projects to your viewers that your products and services do not just exist to help you earn money but it also has a very heartfelt purpose.  

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