How long does it takes to show up in top results in Google?

May 27, 2020
10:08 am

As the owner of a digital marketing company, I get this question from every lead generated. “How long will it take for my keywords to show up in top results?” So not to misguide anyone and give a clear idea about what SEO is, what are its process and how and when do we achieve it. This blog is all about the querries arriving related to SEO.

SEO strategy till 2018 vs SEO strategy in the 2020s

Till lately SEO strategy to find the keywords were by identifying the ones which are the most relevant to your business and which got the most traffic. Few clients are stuck in the paradigm of getting on No 1 position for specific keywords. I would say its just a wrong strategy because with rarer and rarer exceptions, there is no one keyword, and no small group of keywords, that is going to drive a lot of traffic to your website–at least not compared to what you can get from the long tail of search. The core of the above said is that running behind a few generic terms won’t get you as much traffic to get leads. You need to target many long-tail keywords as these keywords being non-competitive are much easier to rank for. Long-tail keywords are much more relevant because they include more detail, and therefore traffic from these keywords get higher conversion rates. So as a Digital marketing consultant, I always suggest my clients go for long-tail keywords which will get them more traffic and target leads. To focus on a much larger number of natural language searches that is growing and changing rapidly with an advance AI technology.

Does keywords ranking really matter?

The answer is yes definitely. But as per my experience and knowledge keyword, rankings should not be the only metric you should be focusing on. So when you ask how long would it take for my terms to be into position, you are concentrating on outputs and not outcomes. achieving top results is an output in which SEO firms can easily sell because they can be justified. But these rankings are worthless unless they generate lead which can be termed as the outcome which is actually needed. So the bottom line of this stanza is when you are looking to hire an SEO agency or SEO professional, focus on outcomes than outputs.

So what should you be looking for while hiring an SEO company?

As a digital marketer, I consult my client to look for the niche audience that would actually be interested in their services and products. Instead of targetting keywords globally which are generic by nature, target on location-specific terms. Try to target long-tail terms which can easily give us No 1 position than targetting on generic terms which will show us on the first page but lower positions. Focus on terms which a layman would type in and which would get them outcomes rather than outputs.