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How can SEO be helpful to your business post lock down 2020?

May 11, 2020
6:54 pm

Is lock down gobbling up your business?

The world economy has turned down due to the global pandemics. Because of complete lock down businesses are facing tough times to sustain in the year 2020.
Businesses are forced to cut down their marketing budgets up to 30% and cut on not so important expenses.
This lock down should not affect your business growth plans. Focusing on SEO will be very important to maintain the productivity and well being .of the business.

Here are few things you should consider while planning to promote your business online

1. Who is my target audience?

Knowing the target audience is important in any kind of marketing platform. But its very crucial in online marketing. You need to find whether your target audience will looks for your business on Google or any other platform. Because if your target audience is those who are on Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok then we highly recommend investing more on Social media marketing than SEO.

2. Who are my competitors?

Are my competitors big giants like Amazon, Indiamart, Justdial or Ebay?
If yes then we recommend to go for SEO. PPC will demand for higher investment to compete these giants. There is 50 – 50 stats of users visiting these giants websites and scrolling down to see more options in Google.

3. Do I have an online website?

A Google local listing or a Facebook page is not enough. Yes you read it right. Scope for promoting it beyond Google local search results are eliminated. First thing you need to invest is on your online presence by creating a corporate or product website depending upon the need of the business. Make sure it is updated and well optimized with respect to speed, content, images.

4. Maintaining the SEO effort:

When you are thinking of promoting your business online, so will others too. Even if your website ranks good, you need to retain the positions and improve them.

5. Importance of Local SEO:

Listing your business in Google business center or Facebook will help you get local travel and leads. Did you know that 80% users see the reviews and ratings to your business before contacting you. Invest your lock down time to get genuine reviews from your existing clients for your local listings. This will help you convert your prospective leads easily.

6. What role will content marketing play?

Content plays a vital role in driving targeted audiences to your website. In lock down people will have enough time to read through your content before contacting you. A great content in the field of your expertise will count as an opportunity to reach the targeted set of people. Posting great expertise-specific content in popular blogs will help not only better our SEO rankings but also drive targeted traffic to your website.

Lock down is the right time to look in your online marketing skills and promote your business online. Search for the right terms (key phrases) that people would type in to reach your business. Contact a reliable SEO company and get started.

Transform your business processes towards digital.