Proven Strategies to Improve Google Ranking

14:32 26 September in SEO

Do you want to know the Google AI Rankbrain SEO secrets? Google AI Rankbrain SEO will play a significant role in search engine ranking in the coming era of artificial intelligence.

Let’s look at some sure-fire Google AI Rankbrain SEO secrets.

Have you ever wondered why your keyword that is currently ranked seventh drops to third place and then returns to rank sixth? This is managed by the Google Rankbrain machine learning algorithm.

Today, I’m going to reveal some secrets about Google SERP setup by Rankbrain, a machine learning algorithm. Google engineers created Rankbrain, a machine learning algorithm. According to their research and study, Google engineers discovered that Rankbrain provides users with more accurate and relevant results.

As a result, Rankbrain will be used for Google SERP configuration. This, I believe, tells you enough about Rankbrain.

Here, I am going to share 9 strategies to improve your Google ranking through Google AI Rankbrain SEO.


#1 Mobile-Friendly Pages


Make your website smartphone friendly. You have read this so many times at this point. But, I want to add some additional elements to it. Making mobile-friendly pages include the mobile version pages.

  • Mobile Accelerated Pages
  • Image Optimization
  • Popups should be avoided
  • Make text, video, and slides more understandable, clear, and error-free.

#2 Increase Page Speed


This is the most significant aspect because many websites make concessions on this. To make their website more visually appealing, several websites employ huge graphics, popups, advertising, noises, and sliders. However, if your website does not launch within 10 seconds, you will lose more than half of your traffic. Google Test My Site allows you to examine the performance and traffic loss of your website’s pages.
How can you make the website load faster?

  • Image optimization
  • Popups should be avoided
  • Avoid excessive advertising
  • Make use of browser caching
  • Gzip compression should be enabled

This is something that a professional web developer can assist you with.

#3 Manage the Bounce Rate


Let me first explain what a bounce rate is. Bounce rate is the percentage of people that viewed a single page but did not interact with any of your other landing pages within a certain time period. The majority of visitors to your website engage with a single page. You must also have them interact with your other pages.
How are you able to achieve this? How can the bounce rate be reduced?
These pointers will assist you in lowering your bounce rate:

  • Increase the number of internal connections.
  • Use related post links in the middle and at the conclusion of the post.
  • Add connections to offers, giveaways, contests, and so on with an efficient mini banner.
  • Use simple navigation.

What is an optimal Bounce Rate?

  • For blogs, the percentage ranges from 70% to 85%.
  • 20% to 30% for e-commerce sites

#4 Increase Dwell Time


What exactly is dwelling time? Dwell time indicates how long a person remains on your landing page. Dwell time is essential. Google AI Rankbrain collects data on each website’s stay duration.
How can I increase dwell time?
To increase your stay duration, consider the following suggestions:

  • Make use of internal linkages
  • Include relevant post links
  • Include video and podcasts
  • Add a page with more than 1000 words of content.

#5 Increase CTR


CTR stands for click-through rate. Google AI Rankbrain collects statistics on the CTR of a certain search result.
How can you boost your results’ CTR?
Follow these suggestions.

  • Optimize your meta tags to boost the relevance of your results to your query.
  • Make use of copywriting tactics.
  • Stick to the meta tag limit.

#6 Supplemental LSI Keywords


LSI keywords are Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. You may learn more about LSI in my previous post. You may look for LSI keywords by using

  • Google Suggestions
  • Google Related Searches at the bottom of the SERP
  • UbberSuggest
  • Report on Search Console Queries

#7 Increase Readability


What does it imply? The stay duration of the page is indirectly related to readability. If the user is unable to read your lines correctly, it will undoubtedly move on to another result. If your website is built on WordPress, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin to assess the readability of your pages.

#8 Include Related Authority Internal and External Links


On your page, you should include both internal and external connections. Make certain that the Google Penguin algorithm guidelines are followed. Provide connections to relevant high authority external pages. Click here to read my post on safe and secure link development approaches.

#9 Make Use of Structured Data


Structured data makes it easier for Google bots to collect all data from your website pages. Structured data increases CTR.

  • Have you ever seen a star rating system with results?
  • Have you noticed the pricing of the goods as a result?
  • Have you seen a guiding arrow in the outcome?
  • Have you ever seen a knowledge graph of a company or a person?

These are all the results of structured data. How should structured data be used?
In your page code, use schema markups. More information about Schema coding may be found here.
If you want to see if your website supports structured data, use this tool. You may make use of this Google tool. The Google AI Rankbrain algorithm is quite complicated. There are more factors that Google AI Rankbrain considers while ranking any page in SERP.
However, what I have described above are important aspects that are backed up by industry professionals.