Dedicated IP Web Hosting

17:21 03 June in Dedicated Servers, Email and Hosting, Web Solutions


There is a kind of web hosting available that is called dedicated IP web hosting. This is also sometimes called static web hosting. This type of hosting gives a single IP address that is used exclusively for each individual server space or domain. An individual browsing the Internet can access this information held in any one of these servers by going onto a website with a certain domain name or IP address.

There will be differences in these web hosting accounts depending on whether the IP address is shared or unique. A unique IP address can be bought simply by placing an order with any of the multitude service providers that are available. These web hosting companies will provide a unique IP address after full payment has been made. These websites allow the customer to upload content and other files to their own personal, secure web space.

These types of web hosting accounts are ideal for larger businesses or for e-commerce websites that need to be certain that their site offers the most in security. Dedicated IP web hosting is also ideal for individuals that want to buy the unique IP addresses for a premium price. Some individuals may find that they want to go this route due to the fact that it will prevent the website from collecting spam, a problem that can often occur when using a shared website.

Another benefit to using a dedicated IP web hosting service is that it provides for greater flexibility while also allowing for more complex hosting. Two advantages of this are that they include a private SSL certificate and an anonymous FTP. An SSL certificate provides for online businesses that need to make sure that their customers will have secure transactions. The advantage of an anonymous FTP allows people to share information on the Internet. This will allow anybody who is using the Internet to go to that company’s website and access a public directory by using FTP software.

By gaining a dedicated IP web hosting account and securing a unique IP address, it allows the business owner to have full control over their website. By obtaining a dedicated IP address, it allows individuals or business owners to get the most benefit out of their website. This will result in better search engine results, which are much sought after by businesses.

Dedicated IP addresses are highly valued and are considered as prime Internet real estate. Because of this, there is sometimes high service fees associated with this kind of service. It is possible however to find a web hosting company that will offer dedicated IP addresses for a very reasonable price. If a company thinks that they will benefit the most from dedicated IP addresses, it’s very important that research be done on many different companies. Besides the differences in price that all companies are bound to have, there will also be differences that are dependant on the company’s needs and goals.