Ecommerce Solutions: How to Grow an Email List

Ecommerce Solutions: How to Grow an Email List

12:11 30 September in Ecommerce Solutions, Email and Hosting

Email is regarded as a viable means of enhancing and expanding your online business, since it can promptly communicate the latest news to your customers that they wouldn’t otherwise find out, serve as a constant reminder of your services, strengthen a business-to-consumer relationship and make your sales campaign more productive. Expanding mailing lists is top priority for marketers specializing in cutting-edge ecommerce solutions. Here are a few valuable tips on how to grow your list.

Ask for consent.

Your mailing list might contain lots of contacts that would like to subscribe to your email service yet asking for their consent officially can win you a reputation as a trustworthy company. Sending them an introductory message to inform about data they will be receiving if they opt in is a great way of starting up a relationship. Consumers are also likely to appreciate if you inform them about how often you will be sending them newsletters.

Offer an incentive to subscribe to your email list.

This could be a free e-book, discount coupon, entry in a contest or another incentive that will make your e-campaign more effective. Make sure they understand that they will get a free service only if they agree to receive newsletters from your company. According to experts in ecommerce solutions, pointing out that they are free to opt out any time they want will also increase the chances of attracting more subscribers.

Make their subscription to your services a joyful online experience.

Once you’ve got the customer’s permission to receive your emails, keep on winning their trust by sending them a professionally made confirmation letter, creating a ‘thank you’ page and ensuring the subscription process is user-friendly.

Learn from unsubscribe.

It’s unwise to keep on attracting new contacts when you’re losing them very fast. Instead ask people who opt out about their reasons for doing so and adjust your campaign to live up to expectations of potential customers before establishing a relationship with them. The feedback may teach you a lot while timely chances can encourage current consumers to remain loyal to your business and secure your relationships with prospective subscribers.

Include a privacy and confidentiality statement.

According to marketers specializing in ecommerce solutions, it could be valuable to put a statement on every form that you will never share personal information of your contacts or use it for other purposes rather than your mail. This way you can earn trust of your customers and promote further relationships with them.

Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity.

Overloading subscribers with newsletters can force them to opt out. If you’ve promised to send a certain number of mailings per week or month, be true to your word unless you have an important message to deliver. Avoid forwarding the same email to your clients a few times or sending irrelevant information they haven’t subscribed to, as it can undermine their confidence in the quality of your email marketing services.

Email marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ecommerce solutions adopted by small to large businesses worldwide. With an ever increasing number of tools and strategies, building a mailing list is now easy and simple enough. All it takes is listening to customers and providing them with high quality services to meet their needs and requirements to the full.