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In the present scenario, the job portals are one of the most visited sites. If you wish to create a unique job portal where the people can get all the updates then you have come to the right place. One of the biggest factors to keep in mind is the overall look of the web application. It should be simple and at the same time, dynamic web pages need to be integrated in order to provide current news regarding the employment.

How useful is the Jobs Portal Applications

The Jobs Portal Applications are not only helpful for the people who are seeking new jobs or looking for a change but for the companies as well. It is because such portals are a platform where both the employer and the employee come together. Thus the companies can shortlist the best candidates who are perfect for their job.

Time Saving - All the job openings are available at one place so you need not browse the different websites and waste your time.

Easily Notify - You can easily catch all the updates and get notified through your email address and contact number.

Shortlisted - You can directly apply to the different companies and get shortlisted on the basis of the criteria set by them.

Why Choose Creative Web Applications

Though developing an application may appear to be a simple task but it requires specialization. That is why you need to depend on someone who expertise’s in this area. Creative Web Solutions offer the right assistance in developing the appealing yet affordable Jobs Portal Applications. As the experts are skilled and talented, you can look forward to a creative design that arouses interest in the minds of the people.
So get in touch with the team, discuss your requirements and get started soon.

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Key features of our Jobs Portal Applications



Notification of registration, login facilities, update and edit profile option, get job alerts, update your resume etc.


User registration, help in the screening process, membership plans, edit profile and change password etc.

Job posting

Posting information about jobs, setting filters, acknowledgement of the emails, rejecting the letters etc.