Simple Ways to Use LinkedIn to Boost Sales

10:35 18 June in Internet Marketing, SEO, SMO

Many social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and many more plays the essential role in developing your online presence. Although, all of above social channels are useful marketing tools, there is one more social media channel that can be more effective in generating leads and sales : LinkedIn.

As your most of the competitors are busy in getting Likes on Facebook and bambarding tweets on Twitter, you can go for the different strategies on
LinkedIn to create an online  presence and generate lucrative prospects.

This article provides three simple steps to help transfer your LinkedIn profile into a lead generating machine:

1) Create a call to action :

Instead of just listing your name and title in your headline, you can tell your visitors how you can help them. Demonstrate the benefits you can provide since that’s what really communicates who you are and what you actually do not a title.
Further, you can write clear, brief call to action in the summary section, telling the  visitor in your network exactly what you would like them to do. It can be an email, a phone call or just a visit to your website to sign in on the mailing list.
You cannot  simply expect someone to call or email. You have to ask them. Also, be sure to collect their personal information so you can continue to connect with     them.

2) Create an industry-specific LinkedIn group :

Building a LinkedIn group is also one of the most significant ways to attract your network and enticed about the particular topics. It will definitely drive traffic to your website and boost sales.
For example, I started the group the ‘CMS web design group’  few years back, which has grown to almost 80,000 members.

The strategy I thought was simple: advertised free webinars to my LinkedIn group and then make an offer at the end for further website design, including  access to my membership site, live events,  or private consulting.

3) Be active in LinkedIn’s ‘Question and Answers’ :

Regardless, in what industry you are in, deliberately participating in LinkedIn’s Q&A can be another significant way to develop stringer connections and enhance organization sales.
The Q&A section is where visitors can post their quiries and get answers from others on the social network.
This is an excellent opportunity to  explain your expertise, you should tread smoothly and avoid publicizing your brand. Be a resource that solve people’s queries without  listing your organization, product or service.