What is Content Management Software?

What is Content Management Software?

10:33 30 June in Software solutions


Well Matter Management Software is a fancy term for software that permits users without HTML knowledge to update their own website. OK there is more to it than that.

Basic websites are created with individual HTML pages. Using Matter Management Software your site now becomes dynamic where all the data (read pages) is stored in a database separate from the design of the site.

So why would I want this? Good question!!! Along with being able to update the website without HTML knowledge, there is also a ton of functionality that can be added into it. I will elaborate on this later.

Another advantage is flexibility. If you have a normal 5 page website built using HTML pages and you add a new area of your business you would like to characteristics on your website, you will have to update the navigation on all 5 pages. Now this does not sound like a huge feat, but imagine if you had a 100 or 500 page website. Remember earlier I said the matter and design are separate, well this means that adding a new area to your site is done in one place in the admin area no matter how large the site is. The other advantage is, say you want to rebrand your company, using Matter Management Software again you change the design of the site in one place and it affects every page of the site.

So what about this functionality you mentioned. This part is almost limitless. Need to display a bunch of photos, we can add a gallery. Would you like to be able to have a resource directory on your site that is possible too? How about adding a small gallery of images on a page or maybe even a video that can also be done. Need a dynamic calendar for an events calendar on your site, this is another task that can be performed by a Matter Management Software. Does your business need a custom contact form like our Quote Request Form? Using Matter Management Software we can make a form with any number and variety of intake questions you need answered for your business. If your company has a lot of news worthy information you would like to post on a regular basis we can incorporate a blog component to make this task easy for you to do. The best part about all this functionality is you the website owner can make changes to any of these options without having to know HTML!!!

If I use this software will I site look like everyone else’s? Not at all! Using Matter Management Software we have complete control over how the site looks and functions. Just like every business is different so must every website. If you own a flower company you don’t want your site to look like a plumbing company’s site.

We have made a ton of sites using this Matter Management Software, and each one has its own look and function. If this sounds like the right solution for your business website, then take a moment to contact us.