What Is Ecommerce?

14:15 14 June in Ecommerce

Just what is ecommerce? Ecommerce is the abridged version of what began as electronic commerce. This term refers to the actually purchasing or selling of some product or service online or via the internet. It refers to any transactional interaction that takes place on an electronic device. There are many ways in which ecommerce can be completed, and many devices that are used in these transactions. The following explains more about what you need to know about ecommerce and even how it has impacted your daily life without you even knowing it!


Businesses answer the question of what is ecommerce in different ways and by utilizing different services and devices. Commonly used in companies is the internet, which serves as a platform for service and product exchange across different areas remotely. This is one point in the transaction that can actually be the location of purchase and selling of products. Another commonly used device that companies, and clients, use in participating in ecommerce is the credit card reader. These readers exchange information regarding a transaction via an internet connection that transfers the purchaser’s information to the bank and to the company in order that the money is exchanged appropriately. This is increasingly popular and new technologies have even been advanced that allow this transaction to be done in an instant via a wireless reader or mobile device. These, and many others, are just some of the ways in which ecommerce is utilized in companies.

Not One Point

The answer to what is ecommerce should not be looked at as a single process or as connected to a single device. Instead, it should be looked at and considered as a cycle or multi-step process. Every device, platform, or network that is utilized in the transaction, purchase, and selling of a product is considered part and parcel of the ecommerce process. For this reason, defining this term cannot be done by simply stating a singular word or sentence meaning. It must be understood as a process of interactions that occurs in the first step to the final step of a transaction.

Daily Life

Many of us participate in ecommerce without even realizing it or knowing the answer to what is ecommerce. We are part of the process every time we go to a score and our information is sent via a network to another location. Anytime an online transaction takes place this is ecommerce as well. Today, many transactional processes are part of ecommerce and we, in turn, are part of it as well.