A CMS Website for Your Business Online, a Brief Guide

A CMS Website for Your Business Online, a Brief Guide

11:35 18 September in CMS, Web Solutions


In the ever-changing world of the Internet, the need for a business to have a CMS (Content Management Website) has never been more relevant or crucial in keeping your website visitors updated with the latest information.

There are many plus points for having your business website developed and constructed around a CMS system. Firstly, there is the fact that you or the person you instruct will need little or no web design experience, allowing you to upload or edit your new website content it can be viewed in real-time. Whereas if you have to submit website content to a website administrator or developer, it solely depends on their workload for the time limit for your work to be processed and uploaded to your website. So the time benefits are dramatically improved with a website CMS system.

CMS systems come in many forms and guises. You could instruct a web developer to design and build a bespoke CMS for you and your business, the downside to this is that the cost could be quite high, depending on the time spent by the web developer building the CMS.

Another option that a worthy web developer could offer you is to either use a tried and tested CMS they have previously developed for existing clients and then modify it to fit the needs and expectations of your business, thus reducing the cost dramatically over a bespoke option. Alternatively, they could use one of the “off the peg” options readily available on the internet.

These off the peg options are widely used around the internet, with even large corporate companies choosing many of these alternatives to fulfil their online-website and blog solutions. The reason these CMS options prove popular is that they offer a more or less instant solution, with minimal setup costs if your web developer doesn’t have to customise the theme or interface to suit your purposes. Also an out of the box or off the peg solution generally offer a quick setup, so you should be able to get a CMS up and running in a fraction of the time a bespoke would take.

Some of the popular CMS solutions available online and worth checking out are; Word Press, Drupral, Joomla, Expression Engine, Text Pattern and Silver Stripe, to name just a few. Like many CMS packages, once they have been setup you can add or change the theme you are using or purchase a custom theme if you prefer. Then it’s just a matter of adding your website content, pictures and away you go. Also using modern CMS systems means they can offer better options for SEO (search engine optimisation), so your website and content will be found easier by search engines.

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