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Google UE Playbook Shares Some Useful Tips To Improve Your E-commerce Sales

10:36 26 December in Bespoke Development, CMS, Ecommerce, Ecommerce Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, Internet Marketing, IT Staffing, Software solutions, Web Solutions

An e-book published by Google shares some insights based on scientific A/B testing on improving E-commerce sales. The playbook is freely available online. UX Tips For Retail E-commerce Stores Online E-commerce stores for retail businesses address six areas for improvement - Homepage /Landing Pages Website Menu &...

Update your website regularly to avoid wordpress vulnerabilities

12:25 19 December in Content Management System, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, SEO, Social business software, Software solutions, Web Solutions

Recently it’s been discovered by WordPress developers that there are seven issues that allow hackers to obtain access to a WordPress website. Authenticated File DeleteAuthenticated Post Type BypassPHP Object Injection via Meta DataAuthenticated Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) that could affect pluginsUser Activation Screen Search Engine...

Ultra Shareable Content

Tips for Developing Super-Shareable Blog Content for Social Media

17:28 13 November in B2B, B2C, Business Branding, Content Management System, Creative Web Mall India Pvt Ltd, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, Internet Marketing, Intranet, Responsive, SEO, SEO, SMO, Social business software, Social Media, Social Network Business, Software solutions, Web Solutions

Social media platforms have been a blessing to marketers and sales teams who use content to promote or engage prospects. Gaining significant traction on social can drastically increase your company’s web traffic, and expose you to readers who would otherwise have never found your company. And...

Content Management Systems

11:32 16 July in CMS, Content Management System

  Industrial websites need content to be successful, and the changing nature of technology and products requires that your website be able to keep up with your latest developments and bring those to your customers. Our CMS tools are SEO friendly, like all our other industrial web...

Popularity of Web CMS

15:45 05 May in CMS, Web Solutions

  What is the benefit of using CMS in web designs? Content Management Systems or CMS is a software used in many industry to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. One of the most popular types of CMS in the industry today are those used...