Popularity of Web CMS

Popularity of Web CMS

15:45 05 May in CMS, Web Solutions


What is the benefit of using CMS in web designs? Content Management Systems or CMS is a software used in many industry to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. One of the most popular types of CMS in the industry today are those used in the web, which is known as Web CMS or WCMS.

Similar to other types of CMS applications, the use of WCMS have made it easier for web developers to manage their work flow, reduce repetitive work processes, as well as to improve communication between users. However, according to many Web design Philippines experts, the main reason why WCMS applications became more popular in demand in industry was it provided people with little experience or knowledge in programming languages or markup languages to create and manage content with relative ease.

Web Content Management Systems or WCMS (although some have simply called it as CMS) is a software designed for creating and managing HTML content. According to many Web design Philippines experts, it is used to manage and control a large, dynamic collection of Web material, making it easier for web designers and developers to make necessary changes without having to go through all the codes.


The main capabilities of WCMS applications are to allow non-technical users to make changes to a website with little training. A CMS facilitates document control, auditing, editing, and timeline management. So a WCMS typically has automated templates to create standard output templates which can be automatically applied to new and existing content; easy editable contents which is due to the separation of content from visual presentation; workflow management which is similar to other CMS applications; as well as allowing easy upgrades for the current web standards.

Popular WCMS software’s in the industry

WCMS begun as commercial software products in the mid 1990s. However, in the mid 2000s, the web content management market grew larger, offering new providers of WCMS software in which majority are free of charge. According to many Webs design Philippines specialists, some of the most popular ones are Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.

Drupal is one of the most popular WCMS applications today. What made it popular was because of their scalable features which allow users to upgrade its capabilities through third party software’s. However, some aspects of Drupal’s administration interface can be confusing and intimidating, particularly for new administrators

Joomla! Is another open source content management system which is known for its scalable features called Plugins? Joomla! Is also the most popular open source content management system in the industry?

WordPress is a popular blog site which is also known for their own WCMS application. By October, 2009, the 2009 Open Source CMS Market Share Report reached the conclusion that WordPress enjoys the greatest brand strength of any open source content management systems.