Easy SEO Tips for Newbie’s

Easy SEO Tips for Newbie’s

13:26 23 March in SEO


This is a Search Engine Optimization Mini-Course. When I started my career I found it really very difficult to learn new things about internet marketing as there were many thing that were kept as secret. Now there are many things revealed and new things and information are available online at very low cost or you can say it is almost for free. I worked very hard to search quality information online and learn new things. Following the things I have learned in my few years of experience.

Explore new topics. Both search engines & online users don’t need that information that is already available online. They don’t waste their time on something that they already know, in the event you need to attract them; you better give them something unique and fresh. I recommend that you find new topics related to your niche. Its better if you’re the first & the one writing about these specific niches as it will certainly lead to instant recognition.

Make and grow your connections through social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter whichever you think is easy to get connected. I will recommend you LinkedIn – you can find people with similar profession on LinkedIn very easily. You can also find them on blogs & forums. They usually share what they’ve tried & what worked when they’re pulling their page rating. I am definite you’ll benefit from knowing what they know. Work together with SEO specialists. One of the most important things that I have learned is that the requirements of top search engines can make big or small changes any minute & they do not make announcements about these changes. It will help if you maintain an open communication with other SEO specialists.

Try to gain as much as information over the internet about SEO. Learn different techniques like White Hat, Keywords optimization – Keyword Optimization is one of the most important factor to rank high by including your main keywords in specific areas like Title, Headlines, If you have an image on your website – add your main keyword under your image – image Optimization, write SEO articles. Research these techniques and be sure that you utilize them.

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