How to Become a Quality SEO Technical Content Writer

How to Become a Quality SEO Technical Content Writer

15:29 29 April in SEO

On one side, writing technical information is extremely exciting for our technical experts. On the other hand, the jargons and acronyms rank up the bill since it takes quite a long time to search for the latest trends in the market.

Our recommendation to all freelance writers who are interested in entering into the technical writing industry is that they should at least have a certain qualification in the telecom market. You will always write better if you have even a basic foundation of computer designing, computer graphics, software animation, coding, and even network design implementation. The reason why we believe that this is of critical importance is that the end user would immediately know whether the article is written by an expert or novice. This is the make or break point.

For an example, very recently, an international telecom company requested us to write their entire brochures for their main products. We had written the brochures specifically targeting the technical sales audience of the potential customers that would be reviewing the brochures. When we completed the documentation it was handed over to the marketing department of our client. They immediately rejected the documentation on the grounds that it was too technical. We did the changes but actually requested them to provide both of the samples to the technical and sales departments. The technical and sales division recommended the first draft and rejected the second one on the same principle that we had. Again, what is important to remember is that the technical information has to come from a technical source. Without this it becomes very difficult for the end audience to truly believe in the spirit and dedication of the writer in the organization.

Our recommendation is to have a team of technical writers along with technical grammar experts. Many of times the technical gurus might miss out on the key grammar strategies and policies that are in place in the market. That is why we believe in review and comprehensive reading and analysis before submitting it to the customer.

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