Importance of Search Engine Optimization in Internet Marketing

Importance of Search Engine Optimization in Internet Marketing

11:39 30 April in Internet Marketing, SEO

Importance of Search Engine Optimization in Internet Marketing

When one wants to know something or wants his/her doubt to get cleared, they might go and enter what they want to know in a search engine and you get the required information that is needed. Most users will opt for the first result that is shown by a website on the search which in their opinion contains the accurate answers to their query. Ever thought why some websites are positioned well than others? It is due to a web marketing technique known as Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process by which the search engines place one’s website listing at the top of the other’s making them to be accessed first by the users. Let us see further how an SEO works. The basic operation of a SEO is dependent on a crawler. Simply put it in this way in order to find the contents on the web the search the web to view the contents. A crawler or spider is the software that follows the links from one page to the next and categorizes them along the way. There are millions of web pages on the internet the crawler cannot visit each and every site on a daily basis if in some case the contents are changed. In many cases a crawler will not visit a website for a more than a month. In order to solve this issue of the spider not crawling one website, implement the spider simulator to see if the flash contents, JavaScript, frames, etc. are transparent (visible) to the spider. Once the specific page has been crawled it’s time to index them.

These indexed data are stored in a centralized database which can be used for future reference. Indexing is the process of identifying words and expressions that describe the content of the page and the keyword. When a request comes through the search engine optimization, the engine processes the request by comparing the strings in the request with that of the indexed data (pages) that is stored in the database. Obviously the search string will be contained in more than one page so it calculates the similarity of the individual pages in its index. Different algorithms are used in the calculation of the relevancy of the pages. The algorithm is based on factors like keyword density and Meta tags. Meta tags offer a guide to the contents of each page. This is the reason why various websites provide different result for the same came search string. Every major search optimization changes their algorithm periodically to improve the optimization of the search and also to beat the competition. The final process in the SEO is displaying the result in the browser enabling the user to select their individual choice. SEO India is one of the leading and best services you can avail for your business. Goggle, Yahoo and Bing are the leading in the market today. SEO is an effective marketing strategy which can produce a sufficient return on the investment.


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